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Europe, the sixth-largest continent in the world, is home to 44 officially recognized nations, including Germany, Spain, France, and Ireland. People who are eager to advance their education and career through foreign commerce, with a primary focus on European countries, can greatly benefit from the original and accurate statistics, customs, and B/L data that we at TradeImeX offer for several European countries. This data reveals the specific goods and services being traded, their origins and destinations, and the value of these transactions. One can obtain information regarding shipments, items, pricing, and the quantity of goods being traded with the aid of Union trade statistics data.

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Trade balance of goods in the European countries as per Customs Stats

Europe's top 10 goods based on their total trade balance reveal the diverse range of products that drive the continent's economy. At the forefront are motor vehicles, as Europe is home to Pharmaceuticals and medicament products, while machinery also features prominently on the list. The trade balance of the top 10 goods in Europe in 2022 are:

  • Pharmaceutical products: $196.12 billion
  • Nuclear reactors, machinery, and mechanical appliances: $51.14 billion
  • Natural or cultured pearls, precious or semi-precious stones, precious metals: $50.50 billion       
  • Vehicles: $48.79 billion          
  • Optical, measuring, medical, or surgical instruments: $41.68 billion           
  • Beverages, spirits, and vinegar: $29.17 billion
  • Essential oils and resinoids; perfumery, cosmetic or toilet preparations: $27.76 billion
  • Aircraft, spacecraft, and parts thereof: $24.11 billion
  • Cereals: $19.88 billion
  • Commodities not elsewhere specified: $19.74 billion
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    Top 10 Trade Partners of Europe

    When it comes to trade partners, Europe enjoys robust relationships with multiple regions globally. Germany leads the pack with its strategic partnerships demonstrating the interconnectedness of Europe's economies and its commitment to global trade. Europe’s top 10 trade partners in 2022, according to its trade data include:

  • Germany: Exports ($1180 billion), Imports ($1030 billion)
  • United States of America: Exports ($686.22 billion), Imports ($563.21 billion)
  • France: Exports ($597.18 billion), Imports ($409.75 billion)
  • Netherlands: Exports ($451.77 billion), Imports ($485.73 billion)
  • China: Exports ($442 billion), Imports ($951.86 billion)
  • Italy: Exports ($423.86 billion), Imports ($390.77 billion)
  • United Kingdom: Exports ($389.48 billion), Imports ($235.89 billion)
  • Belgium: Exports ($380.75 billion), Imports ($337 billion)
  • Spain: Exports ($301 billion), Imports ($302 billion)
  • Poland: Exports ($291.23 billion), Imports ($271.61 billion)
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    What is Europe Trade Data?

    Europe trade data encompasses the flow of goods and services between European countries and the rest of the world. This data offers valuable information about imports, exports, trade balance and trading partners among other key indicators. This data helps businesses and policymakers identify emerging trends, make informed decisions, and capitalize on opportunities. By acquiring Europe’s trade data, one can gauge the health of the European economy and assess its competitiveness in the global trade market. One of the crucial components of Europe trade data is import-export data. Analyzing import-export data allows businesses to identify potential markets, assess market demand and develop effective trade strategies. Our expertise lies in offering highly customized and individualized databases to meet the specific needs of our clients in any country, regardless of the product or service being offered. This includes Europe Trade Data, which includes HS codes, product specifications, importer and exporter details, and shipment records via air, sea, or other modes. While the continent's overall imports were almost $553 billion in 2022, the total value of exports totaled $350 billion in 2022. Currently, 14% of global commerce is with Europe. In 2022, Germany was the country that supplied the greatest amount of goods to Europe. Automobiles, pharmaceuticals, machinery and equipment are Europe's top three exports. According to Europe Trade Data, the top imports are basic metals, fuel and computer items.

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