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Kazakhstan Import Data

Kazakhstan, a central Asian country known for its vast landscapes and diverse culture, is also a thriving player in the global import market. The Republic of Kazakhstan is another name for Kazakhstan. Because of its transcontinental nature, the nation's territory extends into both Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Kazakhstan is bordered by numerous nations. Among them are Uzbekistan, China, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia. According to the Kazakhstan import data, the total imports of Kazakhstan valued of total $50 billion in 2022. Let us delve into the Kazakhstan import data, with a particular focus on the trends and projections for 2022.

 Kazakhstan Import Data | Kazakhstan Customs Data


The country has been ranked 59th in global imports, showing a significant position in the international trade landscape.


With a mere 0.21% share in global import trade, it becomes evident that its presence in the international import market is fairly on the rise.


Russia holds a significant role as the largest import partner of the country in terms of goods imports.


Motor cars and other motor vehicles are the major and biggest import commodities of the country, playing a vital role in its economy.


Top 10 imports of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan, as one of the largest economies in Central Asia, relies on an array of imports to fuel its growth and meet the demands of its thriving industries. The top 10 imports of Kazakhstan encompass a diverse range of goods, including machinery, vehicles, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. The top 10 imports of Kazakhstan in 2022 are:

  • Motor cars and other motor vehicles: 3.63% ($1.81 billion)
  • Electrical apparatus for line telephony or line telegraphy: 3.02% ($1.51 billion)
  • Medicaments and Pharmaceuticals: 2.73% ($1.36 billion)
  • Automatic data processing machines: 2.41% ($1.2 billion)
  • Bodies for the motor vehicles: 2.1% ($1.05 billion)
  • Other aircraft, spacecraft, and suborbital vehicles: 1.7% ($854 million)
  • Petroleum oils and oils from bituminous minerals: 1.57% ($786 million)
  • Parts and accessories of the motor vehicles: 1.52% ($765 million)
  • New pneumatic tires of rubber: 1.05% ($528 million)
  • Articles of iron or steel: 1.02% ($510 million)
  • Partners

    Top 10 Import Partners of Kazakhstan

    With globalization playing a significant role in its trade dynamics, Kazakhstan has developed strong relationships with its top 10 import partners, which include Russia, China, Germany, Turkey, and the United States, among others. Kazakhstan’s top 10 Import Partners in 2022 included:

    Value In Percentage(%)

  • Russia: 34% (17.3 billion US$)
  • China: 21% (10.9 billion US$)
  • Germany: 4.45% (2.22 billion US$)
  • USA: 3.81% (1.9 billion US$)
  • Turkey: 3.18% (1.59 billion US$)
  • Korea: 3.14% (1.57 billion US$)
  • Uzbekistan: 2.56% (1.28 billion US$)
  • Japan: 2.26% (1.13 billion US$)
  • Italy: 2.1% (1.05 billion US$)
  • France: 1.82% (914 million US$)
  • Sample Data

    Insights of Kazakhstan's Import Data Scenario

    We obtain trustworthy data from organizations, shipping businesses, and customs ports. This Trade Data contains a wide range of fields, such as HS codes, product descriptions, prices, quantities, origin country, destination country, and port names together with currency values. For traders and marketers, this trade data is crucial information that helps them to make informed decisions. From the HS codes and product descriptions to the quantity and cost of each product, everything can be obtained through this trade data. We have included a sample of this trade data for your convenience and greater understanding so that you can see what the trade data looks like as a whole, with complete details.

    So, as you can see that in this report, we also include the importers’/exporter's names and address details. In this comprehensive customs database, we ensure that every detail is meticulously recorded, which makes this trade data efficient for businesses worldwide. Kazakhstan has experienced steady growth in its import sector over the years. The country's strategic location as a crossroads of Europe and Asia, along with its abundant natural resources, make it an attractive destination for international trade. The import data provides insights into the types of goods and commodities that are brought into the country from various international markets. It helps businesses, policymakers, and researchers analyze demand patterns, identify potential opportunities, and make informed decisions. According to the import data of Kazakhstan, the nation's imported goods worth $50 billion in 2022. The information you are given on import and trade data from Kazakhstan is really helpful and informative. All of the import data is derived from recently updated shipping bills, invoices, and other crucial transaction documentation. Kazakhstan trade data includes a wide range of fields, such as HS codes, product descriptions, quantity and price, port names, and currency values.


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  • Frequently Asked Questions!!

    The total value of imports in Kazakhstan was $50 billion in 2022.

    Fields such as HS codes, product descriptions, quantity and price, port names, and currency values are included in Kazakhstan import data.

    Determining prospective clients, monitoring competitors, increasing brand visibility, and aiming for long-term business success are some major benefits of Kazakhstan import data.

    Russia was the top import partner of Kazakhstan in 2022.

    The top 3 imported goods in Kazakhstan in 2022 are Motor cars and other motor vehicles, Electrical apparatus for line telephony or line telegraphy, Medicaments and Pharmaceuticals.

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