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The fourth-largest continent in the world, South America is home to twelve sovereign and recognized nations, including Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and many more. As of right present, there are 11 recognized nations in South America. People who are looking to advance their knowledge and careers through foreign trade, with a primary focus on South American countries, can find great value in TradeImeX with its authentic and accurate statistics, customs and B/L data of multiple South American countries. Our South America Trade Data can be used to obtain information regarding invoices, B/L and shipment bills. Depending on the kind of product or service, we may provide highly tailored and unique databases for any country's customers, based on our expertise and experience. With the availability of our user-friendly databases, accessing accurate and up-to-date South America's trade data has become easier than ever before.

 South America Trade Data | South America Import Export Data
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Trade balance of goods in South American countries as per Customs Stats

South America boasts a diverse range of goods exemplifying its economic prowess in the global market. In terms of the top 10 goods, South America's exports are predominantly composed of commodities such as iron ore, oil seeds, vehicles, soybeans, coffee and beef. The top 10 goods of South America in 2022, according to their total trade balance are:

  • Ores, slag, and ash: $90.48 billion
  • Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits; miscellaneous grains, seeds, and fruit: $46 billion
  • Vehicles: $43.56 billion
  • Natural or cultured pearls, precious or semi-precious stones, precious metals: $33.84 billion
  • Edible fruit and nuts; peel of citrus fruit or melons: $29.71 billion
  • Meat and edible meat offal: $26.86 billion
  • Copper and articles thereof: $21.61 billion
  • Fish and crustaceans, and other aquatic invertebrates: $18.77 billion
  • Coffee, tea, and spices: $18.40 billion           
  • Residues and waste from the food industries; prepared animal fodder: $14.38 billion
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    Top 10 Trade Partners of South America

    Furthermore, South America's top trading partners contribute significantly to its economic growth. Through its extensive trade networks and valuable commodities, South America continues to make its mark on the global stage, solidifying its position as an influential trade region. South America’s top 10 trade partners in 2022 include:

  • United States of America: Exports ($591.84 billion), Imports ($472.21 billion)
  • China: Exports ($180.60 billion), Imports ($304.39 billion)
  • Brazil: Exports ($34.26 billion), Imports ($64.33 billion)
  • Netherlands: Exports ($31 billion), Imports ($13.67 billion)
  • Canada: Exports ($29.50 billion), Imports ($26 billion)
  • Japan: Exports ($25.75 billion), Imports ($34.89 billion)
  • South Korea: Exports ($23.40 billion), Imports ($36.44 billion)
  • Argentina: Exports ($23.16 billion), Imports ($33 billion)
  • Chile: Exports ($22.98 billion), Imports ($13.67 billion)
  • Spain: Exports ($22.47 billion), Imports ($21.70 billion)
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    What is South America Trade Data?

    South America's trade data offers a comprehensive overview of the region's economic activities, providing insights into the export and import patterns, popular trading partners, emerging industries, and more. South America's trade data also sheds light on emerging industries and product categories. By identifying the fastest-growing sectors and popular trade items, businesses can align their strategies to tap into these lucrative markets. For instance, the export of agricultural products, minerals and automotive components has gained momentum in recent years, presenting ample trade opportunities. Based on the type of product or service, we provide highly customized and personalized databases for any country. This includes South America Trade Data, which includes HS codes, product specifications, importer and exporter details, and shipment records by air, sea or other modes. In 2022, the continent's overall export value was estimated to be $224 billion, while its total import value was $149 billion. At the moment, South America accounts for 8.1% of world trade. The majority of supply, or exports, to South America came from the United States. According to South America Trade Data, the three main exports from South America are automobiles, fuel and vehicle parts. According to South American Trade Data, the most common imports are medical goods and equipment, electrical and mechanical machinery and machinery.

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