Located in South America, Argentina is a popular destination for imports, with $66.7 billion worth of imported products in 2017 alone. The population of Argentina is currently 44.3 million, and this translates to $1500 worth of product demands from every citizen.


Argentina’s most popular important products include cars, mobile phones, petroleum oil, plastics, pharmaceuticals, and vehicle accessories. Iron and steel experienced an increase in demand in 2017, increasing with 92.7% from 2016. Demand for organic chemicals also increased 2.9% from 2016.

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Our Argentina import trade information is based on updated shipping bills, invoice, and other operational documentation, which are needed in the import/export trade. Import trade information is collected directly from the Argentinian Customs, Port Authorities, Government bodies, shipping companies, and different Trade Associations. We make sure that all the information we collect is credible and verified before sharing it with our customers. Argentina Import Data fields include Date, Import ID, Operation Type, Customs, Importer ID, Importer Name, HS Code, Product Description, Brand, Variety, Quantity, Unit, FOB/CIF Value, Transport Type, Incoterms, Sales Country, Origin Country.


*Evaluate Supplier or Buyer: The data provides insight into the various activities of suppliers and buyers, helping them to choose the ones suitable for their business.

* Monitor competitors: Staying updated with trading activities and information in Argentina will help you understand your competition’s level.

*Find sales Prospects, new trends, and growth opportunities: Understanding what customers are looking for will lead to profitable and popular imports.

* Research market: Staying updated with import information enables researchers to stay updated with actual market changes and conclusions.


*Reduce Manufacturing Cost: Manufacturing cost doesn’t decide your investment return. However, reducing manufacturing cost and boosting investment profit now is in your hands. TradeImex provides you Argentina trade data and assists you to understand what kind of strategies you need to follow to reduce your manufacturing cost.

*Improve Customer Services: Delivering the needs of your customers may not be enough to achieve the highest satisfaction level. Staying in touch with your customers is equally important. That’s why you have to improve customer services from time to time. Get Argentina import data from us and start working on enhancing your services. This way, you don’t only be able to keep your clients happy but also invite potential customers. Increasing your brand’s popularity is also one of the greatest advantages of using our import data.

* Produce High-Quality Products: Producing high-quality product is possible only if you understand what your customers want and what kind of product has a high demand in the market. We are always aware of your business-related needs and strive to collect 100% accurate and genuine data. Keeping our clients happy is what we happily struggle for.

* Enhance Your Business Performance: Business performance should be maintained at a steady level if you are focusing on its growth. Instead of emphasizing only on the future growth may not be the right approach. If you have to achieve desired business goals, you have to maintain a good business performance in the market and Argentina customs data offered by us will make a world of difference..



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