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The Republic of Chile is another name for Chile. It is situated in South America's western region. Chile is bordered by several nations, including Bolivia, Peru, and Argentina.  Chile's economy ranks 70th out of the world's most complicated. According to data on imports, Chile ranked 41th out of 226 nations in terms of total imports in 2022. Importing goods from other countries plays a crucial role in Chile's economic development. In 2022, Chile imported goods worth a total of $109.26 billion according to Chile's Import data. Chile's imports of goods rose by 13.2% in comparison to 2021. In 2022, imports of goods increased by $12.2 billion. In today's interconnected global economy, understanding import data is crucial for businesses and policymakers alike. Chile, known for its strong export-oriented economy, relies on accurate import data to make informed trade decisions. Chile's import data is a powerful tool for businesses, policymakers, and analysts seeking to drive trade strategies, monitor economic performance, and evaluate trade balances. Let us delve into the importance of Chile import data, its relevance for 2022, and the insights it provides for key industries.

 Chile Import Data | Chile Customs Data


The country has been ranked 41st in global imports, showing a significant position in the international trade landscape and import market.


With a mere 0.32% share in global import trade, it becomes evident that its presence in the international import market is fairly on the rise.


China holds a significant role as the largest import partner of the country in terms of goods imports and import share.


Petroleum oil and waste oil are the biggest import commodities of the country, playing a vital role in its economy.


Top 10 Imports of Chile

Chile, known for its open and dynamic economy, boasts an impressive list of top imports that play a crucial role in fueling its domestic industries. The top 10 imports of Chile in 2022 encompass a diverse range of products. The top 10 imports of Chile in 2022 according to its import data are:

  • Petroleum oils and waste oils: 11.9% ($12.4 billion)
  • Motor cars and other motor vehicles: 5% ($5.22 billion)
  • Petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals, crude: 4.71% ($4.92 billion)
  • Motor vehicles for the transport of goods: 3.47% ($3.62 billion)
  • Petroleum gases and other gaseous hydrocarbons: 3.32% ($3.47 billion)
  • Electrical apparatus: 2.82% ($2.94 billion)
  • Coal; briquettes, and similar solid fuels manufactured from coal: 2.13% ($2.23 billion)
  • Automatic data processing machines: 1.51% ($1.58 billion)
  • Medicaments: 1.26% ($1.31 billion)
  • Meat of bovine animals, fresh or chilled: 1.24% ($1.29 billion)
  • Partners

    Top 10 Import Partners of Chile

    Chile's top 10 import partner countries in 2022 have established strong trade relationships with Chile, facilitating the flow of goods and fostering economic growth. China is the biggest import partner of Chile. Chile’s top 10 import partners in 2022 include:

    Value In Percentage(%)

  • China: 25% (26 billion US$)
  • USA: 20% (21 billion US$)
  • Brazil: 9.73% (10.1 billion US$)
  • Argentina: 5.78% (6.04 billion US$)
  • Germany: 2.66% (2.78 billion US$)
  • Japan: 2.6% (2.71 billion US$)
  • Areas, Nes: 2.3% (2.4 billion US$)
  • Mexico: 2.21% (2.31 billion US$)
  • Spain: 1.94% (2.02 billion US$)
  • Peru: 1.89% (1.97 billion US$)
  • Sample Data

    Understanding Chile’s Import Data

    We obtain trustworthy data from organizations, shipping businesses, and customs ports. This Trade Data contains a wide range of fields, such as HS codes, product descriptions, prices, quantities, origin country, destination country, and port names together with currency values. For traders and marketers, this trade data is crucial information that helps them to make informed decisions. From the HS codes and product descriptions to the quantity and cost of each product, everything can be obtained through this trade data. We have included a sample of this trade data for your convenience and greater understanding so that you can see what the trade data looks like as a whole, with complete details.

    So, as you can see that in this report, we also include the importers’/exporter's names and address details. In this comprehensive customs database, we ensure that every detail is meticulously recorded, which makes this trade data efficient for businesses worldwide. Chile's import data provides comprehensive information about the goods imported into the country. It includes details such as the type of products, their origin, the quantity imported, and their value. By acquiring this data, businesses gain a deeper understanding of the market dynamics, enabling them to make strategic decisions that keep them ahead of the competition. Chile import data helps businesses identify emerging demand patterns in the market. According to Chile's customs data for imports, Chile imported goods worth $104 billion in 2022. The information we provide you about Chile's import data and shipment data is highly helpful and informative. All of the information in our database is derived from recently updated shipping bills, invoices, and other crucial transaction documents. We obtain trustworthy data from Chile's customs ports, organizations, and other shipping firms. The import data for Chile includes many fields, such as HS codes, product descriptions, quantities and prices, port names, and currency values.


    Benefits of Chile’s Import Data

  • Expand your business into Chile’s import Market.
  • View Chile's most recent product demand and price projections.
  • Monitor Examine the Shipments History of Your Rivals.
  • Give your marketing plan an approach based on data.
  • Create a powerful brand identity in Chile.
  • Make more ROI and future company goals.
  • You’ll receive the name and address of the importer/exporter in our reports.
  • Frequently Asked Questions!!

    Chile import data refers to the information and statistics on the goods and products that are imported into Chile from other countries.

    Chile's import data is important for various reasons, including tracking the country's trade balance, monitoring the types and quantities of goods being imported, and identifying potential market opportunities for businesses.

    Chile import data for 2022 can be found on the TradeImeX website and other various online platforms, such as government websites, trade databases, and market research websites.

    Chile imports a wide range of goods, including industrial machinery, vehicles, electronic equipment, chemicals, and food products.

    According to recent data, China, the United States, Brazil, Argentina, and Germany are the top import partners of Chile.

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