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How can we help you?

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About TradeImeX

TradeImeX is a user-friendly trade intelligence platform that provides global import-export data and market research services for your business to make informed decisions. Leading the worldwide trade intelligence platform, we offer a variety of thorough and precise data sets, enabling companies to remain ahead of the competition and make well-informed decisions.

TradeImeX provides accurate, updated, and reliable import-export data, market research, and global trade data services of more than 80 countries and across 7 continents.

TradeImeX serves as a gateway to a world of import-export data, providing companies with important information about trends in global commerce, consumer wants, and future business opportunities. We provide the latest and most accurate global trade data from various Customs Agencies, Departments, shipping manifests, government bodies, and other partners and are based on real shipping and customs records, such as bills of lading and shipping bills.

TradeImeX covers more than 80 countries with its import-export data.

The primary source of trade data for TradeImeX comes from various Customs Agencies, Departments, shipping manifests, government bodies, and other partners and it is based on real shipping and customs records, such as bills of lading and shipping bills. We aim to provide the latest, accurate, and most reliable trade data for your businesses to make informed decisions.

The three exclusive categories and products of trade data provided by TradeImeX are customs data, statistical data, and B/L data. Our exclusive flagship products provide you with the best data for imports and exports in the global market.

TradeImeX ensures the accuracy of its data by collecting it from reliable sources and customs records. Our team monitors and ensures to provide 100% accurate data after verification from various sources.

The vision of TradeImeX is to revolutionize global trade by becoming the go-to platform for businesses worldwide. The company aims to bridge the gap between different nations, cultures, and economies, facilitating seamless international trade. By providing an inclusive and accessible platform for import-export data, TradeImeX envisions a world where businesses can connect, collaborate, and thrive without any geographical limitations.

Businesses should choose TradeImeX because it provides a one-stop solution for import-export data, real-time access to data, customizable dashboards, advanced analytics, and comprehensive support.

TradeImeX can help businesses find buyers by providing keyword searches, analytics and insights, comprehensive buyer profiles, and instant global trade data analysis. TradeImeX can help businesses find suppliers through supplier search, verified supplier information, competitive analysis, and choosing suppliers who support flexibility in the supply chain.

You will have the right to obtain the datasets from us after you join our sales partner network to resell them to customers who need this specific type of information. It would be a franchise partnership. You will be referred to as our "reseller," with permission to provide importers, exporters, and marketers with the proprietary databases of TradeImeX.

  • Obtaining precise data access.
  • A very dependable and trustworthy database format.
  • Dynamic assistance for sales partners
  • As a data partner, we provide you with the opportunity to promote the database you developed to us so that we can sell it to others when a requirement occurs. The basic foundation of our partnership would be comprehensive data exchange. We will help you expand by selling your databases to other nations and individuals through our platform. You can gain the following advantages by joining our data partner network:

  • Greater reach in a reduced amount of time.
  • As we assist you in expanding and reaching as many people as possible, get good customer feedback.
  • We'll provide you with sufficient marketing assistance.
  • TradeImeX offers a wide-ranging database with comprehensive global coverage. Unlike many other trade data platforms that focus solely on specific regions or countries, TradeImeX provides the latest data for more than 80 countries across the world with 100% accuracy. This global coverage enables businesses to gain a holistic understanding of international trade patterns and opportunities, regardless of their location or target markets. With TradeImeX, you can access trade data from major economies like the United States, Mexico, Vietnam, and more, ensuring you have a comprehensive view of global trade trends.

    Yes, TradeImeX provides a feature that allows users to easily track their shipments. As a trusted global trade data and import-export data provider, TradeImeX understands the importance of keeping you informed about the whereabouts of your shipments. With their user-friendly platform, you can conveniently access real-time tracking information, ensuring that you have full visibility and control over your imports and exports.

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    With a client base of over 10000 satisfied clients and brands, some of our major and renowned clients include Nikon, Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Tata, Aditya Birla, and many more. We have over 5 years of serving our prestigious clients.

    Global Import/Export Data

    Various kinds of trade data exist, including:

    Customs data

    The information gathered and kept on record by customs authorities during the import or export of commodities between nations is referred to as customs data. This information contains specifics regarding the goods, origin, the parties engaged in the transaction, HS codes, and the levies and tariffs that were imposed.

    Statistical data

    Statistical data is a treasure trove of information that allows businesses to gain a deeper understanding of the market landscape. It aids in the evaluation of product pricing, demand, and market trends. It includes information such as the country of origin or destination, price, product quantity, and date of shipment.

    Bill of lading data

    B/L data encompasses critical information about the exporter, importer, cargo description, and the terms of the contract. The bill of lading, or B/L, is written proof of an agreement between the supplier and the buyer. Bill of lading data is calculated using a company's shipping information, discarding prices.

    Important fields like Product HS Code, Description, Quantity, Unit, Value, Country of Origin/Destination, Importer Name, Exporter Name, Port, and Shipment details are all provided by our TradeImeX data reports. You can access various data fields in our databases of customs data, B/L data, and statistical data.

    We update the data every month and some customs reports are available weekly too. We make every effort to use our data to provide you with the most recent market fluctuations.

    The best import/export data and global trade data solutions are offered by TradeImeX to all businesses. We offer trade data services for 80+ countries.

    HS codes are the identifying numbers assigned to goods for use in international trade which are widely recognized as a means of product identification by businesses and customs officials worldwide.

    Harmonized System of Nomenclature codes, or HSN codes, were first introduced in 1988 and are six-digit codes assigned to each product to provide it with a unique identity.

    The standard HS code is six digits long, providing a broad classification. However, countries may add additional digits for more detailed classification. The standard digits are 2/4/6/8 and can be extended till 10/12 depending upon the country

    Every company that engages in frequent trading must have access to import and export data. A specific business can use import-export data to examine current import and export-related trends in the global market. TradeImeX is your one-stop solution for all your trade data needs.

    TradeImeX guarantees the highest caliber of data available in the sector. The information is gathered from various Customs Agencies, Departments, shipping manifests, government bodies, and other partners and is based on real shipping and customs records, such as bills of lading and shipping bills. To guarantee that you receive the most accurate and relevant data possible, the data is subjected to a quality control procedure.

    That is dependent upon the needs of your firm.

  • Statistical data can be used to provide important market insights about top product imports, exports, pricing, etc.
  • Customs Data is an option if you're looking for real leads for your company. As well as the product's HS Code, description, and the names of the importer and exporter, the nation, etc.
  • B/L data if you want critical information about the exporter, importer, cargo description, and the terms of the contract without knowing the pricing details.
  • To find the HS Code for any item, use our HS Code Finder. With our Global HSN Code List, you can locate the HSN Code for more than 10,000 products. Our customs data provides exclusive HS codes for various types of products.

    Global import and export data is collected through customs declarations, invoices, bills of lading, and other trade documents. These records are then compiled and analyzed by various organizations and agencies to create a comprehensive database.

    Global import-export data provides valuable insights into international trade trends, market demands, and economic indicators. It helps businesses make informed decisions, identify potential trade partners, and assess the competitiveness of their products in the global market.

    Global import export data is usually updated on a monthly or quarterly basis at TradeImeX, depending on the data source. However, some organizations may provide real-time data for a more up-to-date analysis of international trade activities.

    Price & Packaging

    Our prices vary from nation to nation. Your needs and the type of data you desire for your company will determine this.

    Yes, at TradeImeX we provide trade data services in very comprehensive and affordable packages.

    Debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers, PayPal, wire transfers, DD, UPI, cash, and check deposits are just a few of the ways you can pay.

    After payment, some reports are ready to be delivered within 2 hours and some get a time of 24 hours due to translation/sorting works.

    We offer validated customs data, statistical data, and B/L data for more than 80 different countries. Our cutting-edge platform for market information assists companies in identifying prospects in the international marketplace. We provide statistics on demand as well.

    Yes, a free trial and sample data are included at TradeImeX. A demo can also be scheduled for your assurance.

    Yes, you can alter your data plan to suit your needs and financial constraints. We offer statistics on a weekly, quarterly, monthly, and annual basis.

    As soon as you send us a query, we will respond. Our primary goal is to offer our clients quick, dependable, and knowledgeable data solutions.

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