What is TradeImeX?

TradeImeX is Import-Export data provider online tries to provide Global Trade data that not just bring in new customers for companies, but also assists them in identifying the potential market for their products, track what their competitors are exporting and importing and that too at what rates and in what quantity and helps to generate new leads from across the globe.

What are you Service & Products?

TradeImeX provides trade-related analysis reports and customs data of more than 60 Countries across the globe. Our reports fall into different categories like Custom Data, Statistical Data, Analytical custom reports.

How do I make difference between Custom Data, Statistical Data, Analytical Custom reports?

Custom Data – This Report covers all the information which publishes from direct customs. It includes Importer Names, Exporter Names, Manufacturer Names, Product Details, HS code, Quantity, Value, Origin of port or country, Destination of port or country, Date of shipment etc.

Statistical Data – This Statistical database is useful to check the import or export market globally. It contains all the statistics of shipment except the Importer or Exporter Names. It will help you to evaluate the market trends of any product with its export import value or volume.

Analytical custom reports - This is a Customized report and prepared by our trained Statistician as per client need. It is customized by brand, model, grades specifications of the product.

How your services can help into my business?

Our reports can help you in many ways –

  • With the help of our reports you can easily track your competitor
  • We provide to you the best analytic advice and prepare the best offline import-export trade data that provides highly informative data and in-depth information to boost your business.
  • Provides highly accurate reports.
  • Identify new opportunities for your business.
  • Provide new leads across the globe.

What all are the countries you covered in your services?

We have covered more than 60 countries like the USA, China, India, Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Mongolia, Brazil, Argentina, and Many More.
Check Out all the countries https://www.tradeimex.in/global-trade-data

Which Data should I buy?

It is completely up to your needs

  • If your requirement is only to do a research and you want to collect details like Quantity, size of market, value or price of the product then Statistical data can give you detailed insight it includes the detailed description of the goods being imported or exported, estimation of the quantity of cargo being traded, their CIF value, etc.
  • If your requirement is to know the name of Importer/Exporter, HS Code, Quantity, import country etc. then you should go for Custom Data.
  • Analytical Customs report can help you to do analysis on market trend then Analysis report is right fit for you.

What are the areas do you covered in your reports?

We include details like Importer, Exporter, Importer, Exporter, HS codes, duties, charges, CIF values, volume of sales, Shipping Port, Discharge Port, Country of Origin, Country of Departure and many more.

Do you provide any sample before purchasing the product?

Yes, We do provide the sample report which is completely free of cost you don’t need to pay anything for that.

What are the payment modes available?

You can pay using Cheque, NEFT, IMPS, Credit Card, Wire, PayPal.

How soon report gets delivered after made the payment?

Within 24 working hours u can get the report but few order-based reports take some time to get delivered. it may take 2-3 days.

What is price of the Data?

Cost depends upon your requirement and what type of data you are looking for; Prices vary from country to country.

Which process do you follow to make your reports?

We receive this authentic & exclusive database in a raw format and our expertise statistician team sorts & compile it in an accurate format. Global Trade Statistics Database is collected directly from the Customs, Port Authorities, Government bodies, Logistic & shipping companies, and different Trade Associations.

Who all are your clientele?

We work with organizations of all shapes and sizes across all industries. Below are some of the clients we cater to-

  • KPMG​
  • Deloitte
  • Ernst & Young
  • Lg Electronics
  • Wipro
And Many More.
Kindly check our Client Page

Frequently Asked Questions