Viet Nam is located on the Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia. The socialist-oriented market economy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in World is $246.9 billion worth of exported products in 2017. Vietnam’s total population is 96.2 million and it translates to $2,600 worth for every people in that country.


Vietnam is likely to remain the Fastest Growing ASEAN economy in 2017. The top exports of Vietnam are Broadcasting Equipment,  Integrated Circuits, Telephones, Textile Footwear, Coffee and Computers. Electrical machinery is the fastest growing top exported category experienced an increase in demand in 2017 increasing with up 64.3% from 2016.

Broadcasting Equipments
Integrated Circuits
Broadcasting Equipments
Integrated Circuits


Our Vietnam Export Trade information is based on updated shipping bills, invoice, and other operational documentation, which are needed in the import/export trade. Export trade information is collected directly from the Vietnamese Customs, Port Authorities, Government bodies, shipping companies, and different Trade Associations. We make sure that all the information we collect is credible and verified before sharing it with our customers. Data fields include Date, Transport Mode, Exporter Name, Exporter Address, Importer Name, Importer Address,

HS Code, Product, Quantity, Value, Loading port, Discharge port, Delivery Term, Payment Term, Export Country and Import Country.


* Evaluate Supplier or Buyer: The data provides insight into the various activities of suppliers and buyers, helping them to choose the ones suitable for their business.

* Monitor competitors: Staying updated with trading activities and information in Vietnam will help you understand your competition’s level.

*Find sales Prospects, new trends, and growth opportunities: Understanding what customers are looking for will lead to profitable and popular imports.

* Research market: Staying updated with import information enables researchers to stay updated with actual market changes and conclusions.


* Understand export requirements: If you want to understand export requirements that can benefit your business, then use Tradeimex's website and gather genuine data of Vietnam export. Get access to updated data and understand export industry carefully. 

* Learn marketing skills you require: Marketing skills are necessary to achieve your business goals. You can use our data to understand which kind of marketing skills you require. The data will give you precise idea about the marketing skills that work effectively. 

*Modify your strategies: Trading strategies should be modified according to the marketing trends. Export in Vietnam should be understood carefully if you actually want to touch the skies of success and be a professional supplier. 

* Implement the best practices to attain success: This point is the most important one when it comes to dealing with trading issues. You should implement the best practices in order to attain success by grabbing the attention of buyers and Polish your reputation in the market. 

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