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North America contains a sizable portion of the United States of America, commonly known as the USA, despite being a global nation. 50 states plus one federal district make up the nation. Given its status as the most developed country globally, the USA is undoubtedly a powerhouse. Canada, Mexico, and the Bahamas are all neighbors of the nation. The US is the second largest importer of goods in the world. According to the US import data, the US imports had a total value of around $3.37 trillion in 2022 with an increase of 14.9% as compared to 2021. Every year, countless businesses around the world engage in cross-border trade, with the United States being one of the most sought-after markets. In order to stay ahead of the game, businesses need access to timely and accurate data that can provide valuable insights into the US import landscape. This is where US import data comes into play. Let us explore the importance of US import data, its impact on businesses, and how it can be leveraged in 2022.

 USA Import Data | USA Customs Data


The country has been ranked 1st in global imports, showing a significant position in the international trade landscape and import market.


With a mere 13.35% share in global import trade, it becomes evident that its presence in the international import market is fairly on the rise.


China holds a significant role as the largest import partner of the country in terms of goods imports and import share.


Petroleum oil and crude oil are the biggest import commodities of the country, playing a vital role in its economy.


Top 10 imports of the US

The United States' economy thrives on global trade, with imports playing a crucial role in the nation's thriving commercial landscape. When it comes to imports, the US has a diverse range of products flowing in from various countries. The top 10 imports of the US according to the US import data 2022 are:

  • Petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals, crude oil: 6.06% ($204 billion)
  • Motor cars and other motor vehicles: 4.99% ($168 billion) 
  • Electrical apparatus for line telephony or line telegraphy: 3.75% ($126 billion)
  • Automatic data processing machines: 3.67% ($123 billion)
  • Medicaments and pharmaceuticals: 2.72% ($91 billion)
  • Furniture; bedding, and mattresses: 2.57% (86 billion US$)
  • Parts and accessories of the motor vehicles: 2.55% ($86 billion)
  • Petroleum oils and waste oils: 2.44% ($82 billion)
  • Human blood; animal blood for therapeutic or diagnostic uses: 1.92% ($64 billion)
  • Electronic integrated circuits: 1.29% ($43 billion)
  • Partners

    Top 10 Import Partners of the US

    As for import partners, the US collaborates with several countries to facilitate this robust import system. The top 10 import partners of the US include China, Mexico, Canada, Japan, and Germany, among others. These countries forge strong trade alliances. According to the import data, the top 10 import partners of the US in 2022 include:

    Value In Percentage(%)

  • China: 17% (575 billion US$)
  • Mexico: 13.6% (459 billion US$)
  • Canada: 13.2% (446 billion US$)
  • Japan: 4.57% (154 billion US$)
  • Germany: 4.45% (150 billion US$)
  • Vietnam: 4.02% (135 billion US$)
  • Korea: 3.58% (120 billion US$)
  • Other Asian nations: 2.84% (96 billion US$)
  • India: 2.69% (90 billion US$)
  • Ireland: 2.44% (82 billion US$)
  • Sample Data

    What is US Import Data?

    We obtain trustworthy data from organizations, shipping businesses, and customs ports. This Trade Data contains a wide range of fields, such as HS codes, product descriptions, prices, quantities, origin country, destination country, and port names together with currency values. For traders and marketers, this trade data is crucial information that helps them to make informed decisions. From the HS codes and product descriptions to the quantity and cost of each product, everything can be obtained through this trade data. We have included a sample of this trade data for your convenience and greater understanding so that you can see what the trade data looks like as a whole, with complete details.

    US import data refers to detailed information regarding goods imported into the United States. It encompasses a wide range of data including product descriptions, trade values, quantities, importers' and exporters' details, shipping ports, and much more. This wealth of data is compiled and organized by various government agencies, such as the US Customs and Border Protection, and is made available to the public for analysis and research purposes. According to the US import data for 2022 in the customs database, the US imported goods worth $3.37 trillion with an increase of 14.9% from 2021. The US's approved ports, organizations, and other shipping firms provide accurate information. HS codes and product descriptions are among the many fields that are included in the US trade data.


    Benefits of the US Import data

  • Businesses aiming to grow their operations or boost income can benefit from the US import data.
  • The import data from the US is also important for companies trying to find new markets for their goods.
  • Make your marketing plan based on data.
  • Create a powerful brand identity in the US import market.
  • Identify long-term objectives for your company and increase ROI.
  • Frequently Asked Questions!!

    US import data refers to detailed information regarding goods imported into the United States.

    Various government agencies, such as the US Customs and Border Protection compile and organize the US import data.

    Market demand, trends, and competitors' activities are some major insights that businesses can gain from analyzing US import data.

    The total value of US imports in 2022 was $3.37 trillion.

    China, Mexico, and Canada are the top 3 import partners of the US in 2022.

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