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The Republic of Croatia is another name for Croatia. This nation is situated where Southeast and Central Europe converge. The nation borders several other nations, including Hungary, Serbia, Italy, and Montenegro. Its main coastline is shared with the Adriatic Sea as well. The economy of Croatia has been categorized as high-income. According to Croatia's Import data, in 2022, Croatia imported goods worth a total of $44.11 billion. Croatia received 30% more goods imported in 2022 than in 2021. In 2022, imports of goods increased by $10.3 billion. With its picturesque coastline, rich cultural heritage, and strategic location in Europe, Croatia has emerged as an attractive destination for international trade. As a member of the European Union, the country offers a conducive business environment and actively participates in global trade. In this article, we will delve into Croatia's import data, specifically focusing on the year 2022, to gain insights into the country's import trends and sectors.

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The country has been ranked 61st in global imports, showing a significant position in the international trade landscape and import market.


With a mere 0.13% share in global import trade, it becomes evident that its presence in the international import market is fairly on the rise.


Italy holds a significant role as the largest import partner of the country in terms of goods imports and import share.


Petroleum gases and other gaseous hydrocarbons are the biggest import commodities of the country, playing a vital role in its economy.


Top 10 Imports of Croatia

Croatia, a thriving European nation, boasts a diverse range of imports that contribute to its flourishing economy. Among the top 10 imports of Croatia in 2022 are Petroleum gases, accounting for a substantial share of the country's imports. Croatia’s top 10 imports in 2022 according to the import data are:

  • Petroleum gases and other gaseous hydrocarbons: 9.35% ($4.12 billion)
  • Petroleum oils and oils from bituminous minerals: 6.85% ($3.02 billion)
  • Electrical energy: 5.09% ($2.24 billion)
  • Motor cars and other motor vehicles: 3.4% ($1.5 billion)
  • Petroleum oils and crude: 2.93% ($1.29 billion)
  • Medicaments and Pharmaceuticals: 2.34% ($1.03 billion)
  • Human blood; animal blood for therapeutic or diagnostic uses: 1.45% ($644 million)
  • Electrical apparatus: 1.28% ($566 million) 
  • Unwrought aluminum: 1.04% ($461 million)
  • Automatic data processing machines: 0.801% ($353 million)
  • Partners

    Top 10 Import Partners of Croatia

    When it comes to the import partners of Croatia, the country maintains strong trade relationships with a number of nations. Italy leads the pack as Croatia's most significant import partner in 2022. Croatia’s top 10 import partners in 2022 include:

    Value In Percentage(%)

  • Italy: 13.8% (6.1 billion US$)
  • Germany: 12.4% (5.49 billion US$)
  • Slovenia: 10.7% (4.76 billion US$)
  • USA: 7.56% (3.33 billion US$)
  • Hungary: 7.31% (3.22 billion US$)
  • Austria: 5.17% (2.28 billion US$)
  • Serbia: 3.48% (1.53 billion US$)
  • Poland: 3.45% (1.52 billion US$)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: 3.42% (1.5 billion US$)
  • Netherlands: 3.33% (1.47 billion US$)
  • Sample Data

    Croatia's Import Data: An Overview

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  • Frequently Asked Questions!!

    The total value of goods imported by Croatia in 2022 is $44 billion.

    Croatia's goods imports increased by 30% in 2022 as compared to 2021.

    Italy, Germany, and Slovenia are the top three import partners of Croatia in 2022.

    Petroleum gases and other gaseous hydrocarbons were the top import category for Croatia in 2022.

    Armenia had the product with the HS code 69029100.

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