Pakistan is a country in South Asia. It is the 6th Populous Country in world. Pakistan imported $57.4 billion worth of products in 2017. This is an increase by 31.2% since 2013. Pakistan has a population of 204.9 million people, and this translates to about $280 in annual product demand from every citizen in the country.


Pakistan’s most popular import products are animals’ vegetables and oils, mineral fuels, machinery, electric machinery, iron, steel, plastics, vehicles, organic chemicals, and oil seeds. Imported mineral fuels are the fastest growing import category, with an increase of 43.9% from 2016.

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Our Pakistan import trade information is based on updated shipping bills, invoice, and other operational documentation, which are needed in the import/export trade. Import trade information is collected directly from the Pakistan Customs, Port Authorities, Government bodies, shipping companies, and different Trade Associations. We make sure that all the information we collect is credible and verified before sharing it with our customers. Data fields Date, Importer ID, Importer Name, Importer Address, Exporter Name, Exporter Address, HS Code, Unloading Port, Product Description, Quantity, Unit, Value in USD & PKR, Export Country and Import Country.


* Evaluate Supplier or Buyer: The data provides insight into the various activities of suppliers and buyers, helping them to choose the ones suitable for their business.

* Monitor competitors: Staying updated with trading activities and information in Pakistan will help you understand your competition’s level.

*Find sales Prospects, new trends, and growth opportunities: Understanding what customers are looking for will lead to profitable and popular imports.

* Research market: Staying updated with import information enables researchers to stay updated with actual market changes and conclusions.


* Know What is in Trend: Working according to products that have high demand in the market will benefit you in the long run. Trade Imex offers you genuine information about Pakistan import data to help you understand what is in trend these days. The data includes details about what products are popular in the market.

* Details about Suppliers and Their Strategies: Gathering details about the competitors does not mean you should start copying them. In fact, we provide accurate details about the suppliers and their strategies to lead the business. With our import data on Pakistan customs, we make sure you take advanced steps to beat the competitors and achieve the desired outcome from your business.

* Analyze the Statistic of Import Product: Analyzing the statistics of import products is now easier through data we collect for you. We strive to maintain 100% accuracy in our data and let you meet your business goals without any inconvenience. The data we provide is updated and you will get the latest details whenever you use our data. We try our best to bring you up-to-date trading details. So, you can analyze the statistic of Pakistan customs data.

* Discover New Opportunities: Business growth is always the prime goal of any entrepreneur. The desired growth can be achieved only then when you unlock new opportunities. We are here to deliver you accurate details about Pakistan import data that can help you uncover the new avenues and open up new opportunities to increase your sell and expand your business.



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