Top Car Suppliers and Exporters of Turkey in 2023

Explore Turkey's top car suppliers and exporters in 2023, showcasing their expertise and innovation in the global automotive industry. Turkey exported cars worth $11.54 billion in 2023, whereas Turkey supplied a total of 715617 cars in 2023.

Top Car Suppliers and Exporters of Turkey in 2023


Turkey has a thriving car enterprise, with several suppliers and producers gambling enormous roles in the marketplace. When it comes to car suppliers and exporters, Turkey has hooked up itself as a key participant in the global market. In recent years, Turkey has emerged as one of the most important producers and suppliers to European automakers. The HS code for motor cars is 8703. Turkey exported cars well worth $11.54 billion in 2023. Turkey's car sales elevated by way of 30.7% while production multiplied by 19.1% in February 2024. Turkey produced around 1.4 million motor cars in 2023. The Turkish car and delivery zone has grown to be the maximum massive production and supply middle for numerous multinational producers, mainly those in Germany and France, as a result of its wealth of understanding and its youthful and professional work pressure. In this article, we will take a better look at the top car suppliers and exporters in Turkey in 2023.

Turkey’s Car Production in 2023

Turkey produced 1,352,648 motor cars in 2023, putting it as the 12th largest producer internationally. TEMSA, Otokar, and BMC are just a few of the essential van, bus, and truck suppliers around the world. Turkey's Automobile Joint Venture Group Inc., or Togg, is the kingdom's first all-electric automobile producer. With some automakers and suppliers of components, Turkey's automobile enterprise has grown to be an important component of the world's production networks, exporting motor motors and parts worth close to $20 billion. Over a million motor cars were exported from Turkey in total in 2023 in terms of export volume. With more than 311 thousand automobiles exported, Ford Otosan rose to the top of the industry. Oyak Renault and Hyundai Assan, with records of roughly 230.4 and 205 thousand exported automobiles, respectively, came next.

Who are the Major Suppliers of Cars in Turkey?

When it comes to car suppliers in Turkey, the companies that stand out in some of the relaxations are Ford Otomotiv and Borusan Otomotiv. Turkey supplied a total of 715617 cars in 2023. Car-supplying business enterprise Borusan Otomotiv is a prime supplier of automotive services and products in Turkey, with a robust attention to quality and innovation. They offer a wide range of products and services to each home and global customers, making them a key participant in the industry. Turkey’s top 10 car suppliers and exporter brands in 2023, with their quantity in sales and total export values are:

  1. FORD OTOMOTİV SANAYİ ANONİM ŞİRKETİ (Qty 42473): $9.35 billion
  2. TGS DIŞ TİCARET ANONİM ŞİRKETİ (Qty 70228): $9.19 billion
  3. TOFAŞ TÜRK OTOMOBİLFABRİKASI A.Ş. (Qty 41249): $5.69 billion
  4. TOYOTA OTOMOTİV SANAYİ TÜRKİYE A.Ş. (Qty 19205): $3.89 billion
  5. CATONİ DENİZ İŞLERİ A.Ş. (Qty 92): $2.25 billion
  7. KİBAR DIŞ TİCARET A.Ş. (Qty 16881): $2.01 billion
  9. EMS MOBİL SİSTEMLER ANONİM ŞİRKETİ (Qty 171): $1.02 billion
  10. HEDEF OTOM.TİC.VE SAN.A.Ş. (Qty 63): $1.01 billion

Who is the Biggest Car Producer in Turkey?

In terms of worldwide car production in 2023, Turkey is ranked 12th. The largest car producer in Turkey is Tofaş. With a robust cognizance of innovation and excellence, Tofaş has installed itself as a main supplier in the Turkish automotive industry. They produce a wide range of vehicles for both domestic and worldwide markets, making them a key player in the enterprise.

Who are the Top 10 Importers of Turkish Cars?

While Turkey is domestic to several car suppliers, the nation additionally exports vehicles to many worldwide markets. Some of the pinnacle importers of Turkish vehicles include Germany, France, Italy, and the UK. These nations import Turkish vehicles for their fine, affordability, and progressive designs. Turkey exports the most cars to these nations. The pinnacle 10 importers of motors from Turkey in 2023 include:

  1. France: $2.14 billion
  2. Italy: $1.15 billion
  3. Spain: $1.14 billion
  4. United Kingdom: $1.12 billion
  5. Poland: $837.14 million
  6. Germany: $827.63 million
  7. Slovenia: $447.38 million
  8. Algeria: $278.23 million
  9. Netherlands: $235.93 million
  10. Iraq: $193.69 million

Top Importers of Turkish Cars

Top Car Brands of Turkey

Some of the top car exporters in Turkey encompass Tofaş, Fiat, Daimler, AVL, FEV, Renault, Ford, and Hyundai. With sales of almost 193.6 thousand cars and light business vehicles, Fiat became the pinnacle-selling car in Turkey in 2023. These exporters have mounted themselves as leaders in the Turkish car industry, with a robust focus on fine, innovation, and customer pride. They produce a wide range of motors to meet the various needs of the Turkish marketplace.

The Future of the Turkish Car Industry

Looking ahead, the destiny of the Turkish vehicle enterprise looks vibrant. Turkey's primary automobile and car region produced 1.47 million devices in 2023, an 8.6% yearly growth. With a robust cognizance of innovation, exceptional, and sustainability, Turkey’s car exporters and suppliers are poised to preserve their increase and success inside the employer. As the call for vehicles continues to upward push locally and the world over, Turkey is properly positioned to be a key participant in the international car and automobile marketplace.


In conclusion, Turkey is home to several pinnacle car suppliers, exporters, and producers, who play a great position in the kingdom's car and vehicle enterprise. Turkey’s top car exporters and suppliers in 2023, offer a big monetary improvement to the Turkish automotive industry. With a sturdy recognition of pleasure, innovation, and consumer satisfaction, these corporations are placed nicely to maintain their success in the vehicle and automobile industry for future years.


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