Corn exports and imports in 2023

The total amount of corn produced globally in 2023 was 1.17 billion metric tons with the USA leading the corn exports, while China was the biggest importer in 2023. Discover the latest trends and insights on Corn exports and imports in 2023.

Corn exports and imports in 2023

Corn is a staple crop grown in many countries around the world. It plays a large characteristic in global trade exchange, with every export and import contributing to the economic system of various global places. Additionally, corn, called maize, is one of the amplest and maximum broadly cultivated cereal plants in the worldwide international. Its versatility and nutritional cost make it a staple meal for tens of millions of human beings. In addition to its significance as a source of meals, corn is likewise an enormous commodity inside the worldwide trade marketplace. The United States' corn exports reached $761 million in October 2023, whilst imports reached $29.6 million, leaving a $732 million fantastic change stability. Corn exports from the USA accelerated through $forty one.1 million (five.7%) from $720 million to $761 million between October 2022 and October 2023, while imports elevated with the aid of $16.5 million (126%) from $13.1 million to $29.6 million. With a total of 53 million metric tons of maize exported, Brazil ranked as the sector's 2nd-largest corn exporter in the 2023 marketing year. With 33 million metric tons exported in 12 months, Argentina is no other substantial corn exporter. In this article, we will explore the dynamics of corn exports and imports in 2023, the most important exporter of corn, the United States of America with the most inexpensive corn, the top 5 importers of corn, and the manufacturing charge of corn globally.

Is Corn an Import or Export?

Corn is each an import and an export, which means that special nations both purchase and promote corn in the global marketplace. The distinction between being an overall importer or exporter of corn depends on the stability between a country's domestic corn production and its usual call. Some nations have favorable climatic conditions and advanced agricultural infrastructures, permitting them to produce corn surplus to their needs, which is then exported to different international locations. On the other hand, countries with limited arable land or much less green farming practices rely upon corn imports to fulfill their home call.

Who is the Largest Exporter of Corn in 2023?

The United States was the biggest exporter of corn in 2023 with a complete of $731 million exported in October 2023. The USA has long been a major participant in the international corn market, manner to its large agricultural lands, advanced farming techniques, and excessive productiveness stages. It is predicted that the USA will export a substantial quantity of corn to numerous international locations around the world due to its surplus manufacturing. The United States of America's favorable climatic situations, coupled with its green infrastructure and superior generation, contribute to its leading function in corn exports. Other sizable and top 10 exporters of corn in the first three quarters of 2023 encompass:

  1. USA – (Q1: $3.86 billion) (Q2: $4.66 billion) (Q3: $2.22 billion)
  2. Brazil – (Q1: $2.85 billion) (Q2: $545 million) (Q3: $5.26 billion)
  3. Argentina – (Q1: $1.28 billion) (Q2: $1.47 billion) (Q3: $2.13 billion)
  4. Ukraine – (Q1: $2 billion) (Q2: $1.32 billion) (Q3: $461 million)
  5. France – (Q1: $929.34 million) (Q2: $339.69 million) (Q3: $236.18 million)
  6. South Africa – (Q1: $309 million) (Q2: $366.93 million) (Q3: $310.55 million)
  7. Canada – (Q1: $200.20 million) (Q2: $353.96 million) (Q3: $112.49 million)
  8. Paraguay – (Q1: $107.63 million) (Q2: $27.78 million) (Q3: $277.59 million)
  9. Turkey – (Q1: $68.30 million) (Q2: $65.12 million) (Q3: $223.18 million)
  10. Spain – (Q1: $46.37 million) (Q2: $47.67 million) (Q3: $33.98 million)

Who are the Top 5 Importers of Corn?

China is the largest importer of corn in 2023, with a complete import cost of $5.76 billion in the first 3 quarters of 2023. The top five importers of corn vary each year, relying on elements that include domestic demand, alternate agreements, and modifications in production ranges. However, a few nations continuously rank amongst the most important importers of corn. The top 5 importers of corn inside the first 3 quarters of 2023 encompass:

  1. China ($5.76 billion): With its growing population and growing demand for animal feed and biofuels, China has been a major importer of corn. It closely relies on imports to complement its domestic production.
  2. Japan ($3.82 billion): Japan is one of the international's largest corn importers, frequently the usage of it for animal feed and to fulfill the demands of its large food processing enterprise.
  3. Mexico ($3.43 billion): Mexico closely relies upon corn imports to satisfy its home consumption wishes. Corn is an essential component of conventional Mexican cuisine and is also used for animal feed.
  4. South Korea ($2.65 billion): South Korea imports a giant quantity of corn to help its farm animal enterprise, as well as for business purposes consisting of the production of cornstarch and ethanol.
  5. Spain ($1.90 billion): Spain is a number of the pinnacle importers of corn, especially due to its huge population and growing call for plant and animal feed. Spain is predicated on imports to satisfy its home corn requirements.

Which Country has the Cheapest Corn?

Brazil has the Cheapest corn for worldwide change requirements. Determining the nation with the cheapest corn involves thinking about various factors which include production fees, transportation charges, and exchange rules. While correct forecasts for 2023 are difficult, traditionally, countries with excessive corn manufacturing degrees and aggressive manufacturing expenses tend to offer the most inexpensive corn. Among such countries are Brazil and Argentina, which have emerged as tremendous players in the international corn marketplace in recent years. These international locations benefit from favorable climatic conditions and efficient farming practices, which result in price-powerful corn manufacturing.

What is the Production Rate of Corn?

The total amount of corn produced globally in 2023 was 1.17 billion metric tons. It is projected that factors like populace increase, increased want for industrial and animal feed, and increasing use of corn starch will propel market expansion. The manufacturing price of corn varies year by 12 months, encouraged by way of climate conditions, authorities’ regulations, and technological advancements. However, it is essential to word that corn is one of the most broadly cultivated plants globally, with an excessive overall manufacturing rate. Major corn-producing nations encompass Brazil, the USA, China, and Argentina. These international locations have big areas of arable land and favorable weather conditions conducive to corn growth. Despite occasional fluctuations in production ranges, corn remains a vital crop for meal security, animal feed, and numerous commercial applications globally. The top 10 Corn producers in 2023 consist of:

  1. Brazil: 53,000 million metric tons
  2. The USA: 42,500 million metric tons
  3. Argentina: 33,500 million metric tons
  4. South Africa: 22,500 million metric tons
  5. Ukraine: 5,515 million metric tons
  6. Paraguay: 3,600 million metric tons
  7. Russia: 3,300 million metric tons
  8. India: 2,800 million metric tons
  9. Myanmar: 2,450 million metric tons
  10. Canada: 1,600 million metric tons

Key Highlights for Corn’s exports and imports in 2023.

  • Corn is the largest produced crop in the world.
  • Because it is fed to animals as meals and as an element in lots of one-of-a-kind sorts of products, it is a cash crop.
  • The United States is the biggest exporter of corn with a complete of $731 million exported in October 2023.
  • China is the largest importer of corn in 2023, with a three-quarterly import price of $5.76 billion.
  • More corn is produced inside Brazil than in any other nation.
  • Ukraine remains one of the world’s main manufacturers of grain, even in the face of war.

What is the Future of Corn exports and imports globally?

The World Trade data projects that U.S. corn exports will reach 53.342 million tons in 2023–2024, falling short of Brazil's prediction of 55 million tons. USDA data projects U.S. corn exports for the 2023–2024 marketing year to be 43.817 metric tons, a ten-year low that accounts for a 24.8% share of world commerce. Brazil was expected to export 55 million metric tons, a record amount. Global maize output is predicted to hit all-time highs in 2023–2024, with the United States, Argentina, and China experiencing the largest increases and Brazil posting relatively lower results. Corn cultivation is a vital agricultural activity that contributes to the economic development of these nations. Its production affects employment development and helps to guarantee food security for the local community, and small-scale farmers also profit monetarily from it.


In 2023, corn exports and imports continue their domination as the leading crop produced in the agricultural trade landscape globally. The United States is anticipated to preserve its leading role as the most important exporter of corn followed by Brazil, even as international locations like China, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, and Egypt will remain considerable importers. The production price of corn will rely upon different factors, but corn will remain a critical crop for food production, animal feed, and commercial uses. As the global call for corn persists, the dynamics of corn exports and imports will continue to evolve, impacting the global alternate and economies of nations worldwide.


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