Italian Wine Exports Statistics of 2023

Explore the Italian wine export statistics for 2023. Discover Italy's wine export trends as Italy exported wines worth $8.40 billion in 2023.

Italian Wine Exports Statistics of 2023

Italian Wine Exports Statistics of 2023

Italy is synonymous with quality and culture in the wine trade. Italy's winemakers produce several of the best wines in the world, and their exports mirror this excellence. As we delve into Italy's wine export statistics for 2023, we find the trends and insights that shape the worldwide wine market. Italy has a wealthy history of winemaking that dates back heaps of years. Today, Italy is home to over four hundred grape varieties and infinite winemakers, each producing specific and wonderful wines. Italy is the biggest wine producer in the world, with regions like Tuscany, Piedmont, and Veneto leading the arena in terms of excellence and quantity. The HS code for wine is 2204. Italy exported wines worth $8.40 billion in 2023. Italy’s wine exports produced 2.14 billion tons in 2023 which is 1600 US gallons. Italy’s wine exports multiplied by 2% in 2023 compared to the preceding 12 months. Italy’s wine exports had a complete marketplace proportion of 21% in worldwide wine exports in 2023. Let us discover Italy's wine exports in 2023 along with its top wine export locations, and find out Italian wine export traits.

What are the Top 10 Italian Wine Export Partners?

Top 10 Italian Wine Export Partners | where Italy exports the most wine | Italy wine export

Italy exported the most wines to the USA in 2023 with wine exports worth $1.90 billion. The top 10 export partners of Italian wine accounted for a total value of $6.22 billion with a total share of 74.2% in 2023. The top 10 countries where the most Italian wine was exported in 2023 include:

  1. USA: $1.90 billion (338.86 million tons)
  2. Germany: $1.28 billion (551.42 million tons)
  3. United Kingdom: $911.27 million (256.07 million tons)
  4. Switzerland: $454.21 million (70.90 million tons)
  5. Canada: $420.31 million (71.07 million tons)
  6. France: $341.82 million (98.13 million tons)
  7. The Netherlands: $260.39 million (60.93 million tons)
  8. Belgium: $254.30 million (62.00 million tons)
  9. Sweden: $208.82 million (54.71 million tons)
  10. Japan: $198.84 million (39.83 million tons)

What are the Top 10 Italian Wine-Exporting Companies in 2023?

Top 10 Italian Wine-Exporting Companies in 2023 | top Italy wine company | Italy wine company

The top 10 wine exporter countries of Italy in 2023 include:

  1. Cantine Riunite & CIV: $655.07 million
  2. Gruppo Caviro: $251.04 million
  3. Fratelli Martini: $234.22 million
  4. Marchesi Antinori: $213.6 million
  5. Zonin 1821: $215.06 million
  6. Casa Vinicola Botter Carlo & C.: $207.60 million
  7. Cavit: $202.81 million
  8. Gruppo Mezzacorona: $200.36 million
  9. Enoitalia: $193.55 million
  10. Santa Margherita Gruppo Vinicolo: $188.87 million

What are the top Italian Wine Varieties exported in 2023?

Italian wine export statistics for 2023 paint a picture of a thriving enterprise that is expanding its attain across the globe. In the primary half of the year, Italy exported over 1.8 billion liters of wine. These numbers represent a 10% rise in volume and a 15% growth in fees in comparison to the same period last year. Italy is well-known for its variety of extremely good wine types and categories. The pinnacle Italian wine exports in 2023 consist of:

  1. Wine of fresh grapes, incl. fortified wines: $5.51 billion
  2. Sparkling wine: $2.39 billion
  3. Wine of fermented fresh grapes, incl. fortified wines: $323.85 million
  4. Wine in containers holding more than 2 liters: $131.11 million
  5. Grape must wine: $39.27 million

A comparison of Italian wine exports between 2022 and 2023

Italian Wine Export Partners

Exported value in 2022

Exported value in 2023


$1.95 billion

$1.90 billion


$1.21 billion

$1.28 billion

United Kingdom

$854.08 million

$911.27 million


$449.21 million

$454.21 million


$450.02 million

$420.31 million


$302.40 million

$341.82 million


$244.21 million

$260.39 million


$252.04 million

$254.30 million


$206.52 million

$208.82 million


$209.85 million

$198.84 million

Total wine exports globally

$8.25 billion

$8.40 billion

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The Italian wine export statistics for 2023 show a wide and rich industry that is nevertheless poised for further boom within the coming years. With a wealthy winemaking history, reliance on taste, and a finger on the pulse of global traits, Italian wines are positive to draw wine lovers anywhere in the world. The USA remains the biggest importer of Italian wine exports in 2023. As we raise a pitcher to toast Italian winemakers we look to a future full of first-rate Italian wines and unforgettable flavors. Cheers to Italy and its quality wines!

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