Top 10 Mango Exporter Countries in 2023

Explore the mango export statistics for 2023. The total mango exports reached $1.51 billion in 2023 with Mexico as the leading exporter ($575.36 million).

Top 10 Mango Exporter Countries in 2023

Mango export statistics for 2023

In recent years, the global demand for mangoes has been steadily increasing. This has led to a surge in mango exports from various countries around the world. Mangoes have many health benefits, and they are rich in vitamin C which helps fight many diseases.  The HS code for mango is 080450. Mango exports in 2023 accounted for a total value of $1.51 billion globally. The total volume of mango produced in 2023 is 78.56 billion tons. Mango has a market share of 4.6% of the global export market in 2023. As we look back at 2023, it is essential to analyze mango export statistics to understand the current trends and projections for the year. The export statistics for mangoes in 2023 show promising growth compared to previous years. Several factors have contributed to this positive trend, including increasing demand from international markets, improved transportation infrastructure, and enhanced farming practices in key mango-producing countries. Let us now explore the mango export statistics, along with the top 10 mango exporters, producers, and the latest trends within the mango export industry. 

top 10 Mango exporter 2023 | Mango export statistics for 2023

What are the Top 10 Mango exporting countries in 2023?

Mexico is the biggest mango exporter with total exports worth $576.36 million in 2023. Mexico’s mango exports increased by 5.09% from the previous year. The top 10 mango exporting countries in 2023 include:

  1. Mexico: $575.36 million (38.08%) up by +5.09%         
  2. Netherlands: $381.72 million (25.27%) up by +15.53%          
  3. Brazil: $315.69 million (20.90%) up by +52.62%  
  4. India: $148.36 million (9.8%) down by -38.96%
  5. United States: $48.23 million (3.19%) down by -4.63%
  6. Germany: $40.24 million (2.66%) up by +10.60%       
  7. Burkina Faso: $27.63 million (1.83%) down by -21.94%          
  8. Portugal: $27.22 million (1.80%) up by +26.60%          
  9. South Africa: $17.18 million (1.14%) down by -11.38%
  10. United Kingdom: $12.82 million (0.85%) up by +48.20%        

What are the top 10 Mango-producing countries in 2023?

In 2023, Mango production had a total export volume of 78.56 billion tons. India is the biggest mango producer with a total production volume of 25 million tons of mangoes in 2023. The top 10 mango producers in 2023 include:

  1. India: 25 million tons
  2. China: 3.8 million tons
  3. Indonesia: 3.6 million tons
  4. Pakistan: 2.7 million tons
  5. Mexico: 2.4 million tons
  6. Brazil: 2.1 million tons
  7. Malawi: 1.7 million tons
  8. Thailand: 1.6 million tons
  9. Bangladesh: 1.5 million tons
  10. Vietnam: 1.4 million tons

What are the top 10 Mango Exporting-Supplying Companies?

The top 10 mango exporting-supplying countries in 2023 are:

  1. Reliance Industries Ltd. (India): $1.19 billion 
  2. Fresh Point Co. Ltd. (Thailand): $882.5 million
  3. Evolvo International (Brazil): $55.2 million
  4. Euro Viet fresh (Vietnam): $11.56 million
  5. East Colombia Trading Company (USA): $10 million
  6. Casa Fresca (Venezuela): $6.8 million
  7. Natural Tropic (Spain): $6.4 million
  8. Diazteca (Mexico): $5.1 million
  9. Horizon Horticulture and Exporters Limited (Kenya): $5 million
  10. Damoa Corporation (Peru): $4.90 million
  11. Yatai Grower International (Taiwan): $4.80 million

Statistical comparison of top 10 mango exporters in the last 5 years.


2019 value

2020 value

2021 value

2022 value

2023 value


$440.81 M

$449.42 M

$505.82 M

$547.48 M

$575.36 M


$367.55 M

$411.14 M

$439.49 M

$330.4 M

$381.72 M


$222.29 M

$247.96 M

$250.13 M

$206.85 M

$315.69 M


$151.40 M

$137.45 M

$185.23 M

$220.19 M

$148.36 M


$51.67 M

$51.23 M

$57.38 M

$50.57 M

$48.23 M


$30.06 M

$30.23 M

$38.48 M

$36.38 M

$40.24 M

Burkina Faso

$23.34 M

$27.36 M

$31.68 M

$35.4 M

$27.63 M


$30.37 M

$30.49 M

$24.73 M

$21.5 M

$27.22 M

South Africa

$19.52 M

$14.25 M

$13.99 M

$19.39 M

$17.18 M


$7.69 M

$8.86 M

$8.3 M

$8.65 M

$12.82 M

Total exports

$3.55 billion

$3.62 billion

$3.96 billion

$3.48 billion

$1.51 billion

What are the most popular mango varieties exported globally?

Mango is a fruit that has always been a sweet delight for people. There are many types and varieties of mango available in the market for consumption. Some of the most popular mango varieties exported globally are:

  1. Alphonso
  2. Kent
  3. Tomy Atkin
  4. Kesar
  5. Haden 
  6. Ataulfo
  7. Francis 
  8. Keitt
  9. Banganapalle
  10. Badami

How to find potential mango suppliers online?

In the digital age, finding reliable suppliers for your business has become easier than ever, thanks to online platforms like TradeImeX. TradeImeX helps you to find thousands of potential mango suppliers at affordable prices online. If you are in the market for mango suppliers, TradeImeX can help you connect with reputable sellers and streamline the sourcing process. Here's how you can leverage TradeImeX to find potential mango suppliers online:

  1. Use the Search Function

You can use the search function on TradeImeX to look for mango suppliers. You will be presented with a list of suppliers who meet your search criteria.

  1. Filter Your Results

To narrow down your search results, you can use the filters on TradeImeX. You can filter suppliers based on location, price, minimum order quantity, and more.

  1. Review Supplier Profiles

Once you have found potential mango suppliers, take the time to review their profiles on TradeImeX. Look for information such as product offerings, certifications, customer reviews, and contact details.

  1. Contact Suppliers

After reviewing supplier profiles, reach out to potential mango suppliers on TradeImeX. You can use the platform to send messages, inquire about products, and negotiate terms.

  1. Request Samples and negotiate terms

Before making a final decision, consider requesting samples from potential mango suppliers. Once you have identified a suitable mango supplier, negotiate terms that work for both parties to finalize the deal. 


In conclusion, the mango export statistics for 2023 point towards a bright future for mango producers and exporters worldwide. With the right strategies in place, stakeholders in the mango industry can capitalize on the rising demand for this tropical fruit and drive sustainable growth in the years to come. We now know that Mexico is the biggest mango exporter, while India remains the biggest mango producer in 2023. Overall, the global mango market is poised for significant growth, and exporters are well-positioned to take advantage of this favorable trend.

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