What are The Top 10 Export Products of The Philippines?

The Philippines is located in the Southeastern part of Asia and is surrounded by water bodies from most of the sides. The capital of this island country is Manila.

What are The Top 10 Export Products of The Philippines?


The Philippines is a nation that is located in Southeast Asia in the Asian continent. The capital of the country is named “Manila” and it is one of the major ports of the Philippines where international trade takes place on regular basis. The country is surrounded by water bodies from almost all its borders like the South China Sea to its west, the Pacific Ocean to its east, and the Celebes Sea to its southern end. Countries with whom the Philippines shares the land borders are China, Indonesia, Palau, and Vietnam.

The country comprises almost 7,100 islands spread across an area of approx. 3 lakh sq. km. The climate of the nation is tropical, and the literacy rate is close to 93%. The currency used here is called Philippine Peso which is equated to the US dollar as 1 Philippine Peso equals 50-54 USD.



The Philippines is a tropical country and is into exporting numerous products to the world for ages. Based on the Philippines Export Data for 2021, the country exported goods worth USD 74.61 billion to people across the globe. As per officials, the Philippines Trade Data and other reports, the major items that were exported from the Philippines in 2021 were:

  • Electrical machines and gadgets, with their accessories (USD 38.07 million)
  • Mechanical items, boilers, and nuclear reactors (USD 9.45 million)
  • Articles made from copper (USD 2.58 million)
  • Optical, medical, and precision items (USD 2.20 million)
  • Ores, slag, and ash of products (USD 1.98 million)
  • Eatables like fruits, nuts, and melons (USD 1.91 million)
  • Animal and vegetable fats and oils (USD 1.49 million)
  • Plastic articles (USD 1.26 million)
  • Automobiles, especially four-wheelers, and cars (USD 1.17 million)
  • Precious metals like gold, diamonds, and silver (USD 1.13 million)

The exports of the above-mentioned goods are the most from the Philippines and they are considered as the top 10 exporting goods from the Philippines as listed in the Philippines Export Data for the year 2021.

Apart from these top 10 products, some other items that are exported in small quantities in 2021 were mineral fuels and oil, leather articles, ships, and boats.



So, we have learned about the top export products from the Philippines to the world, in this section, we are going to mention the major export partners of the Philippines as mentioned in the Philippines Export data to whom the products are sent the most. The top 10 export partners of the Philippines are as follows:

  • The United States (USD 11.85 million)
  • China (USD 11.53 million)
  • Japan (USD 10.72 million)
  • Hong Kong (USD 9.93 million)
  • Singapore (USD 4.19 million)
  • Thailand (USD 3.45 million)
  • Germany (USD 2.93 million)
  • Korea (USD 2.57 million)
  • Chinese Taipei (USD 2.52 million)
  • The Netherlands (USD 2.25 million)

Out of the total exports of the Philippines in the year 2021, which was USD 74.61 million, the majority of exports were made to the above-mentioned 10 nations. We are hoping to see more increment in these figures in the upcoming years.


In the end, we just want to state that the Philippines is a country that has managed to keep its trade relations in a good health with many nations. It is indeed a friendly and emerging country with a lot of opportunities that would arise slowly in the future for the people, as well as the traders of this nation.



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