The Largest Beef Export Market is seeking to increase its Buffalo Meat Imports Quota from Indonesia

India has asked Indonesia to increase its Import quota for Buffalo Meat. As of now, the Import quota is set at 0.1Mn. tons/year.

The Largest Beef Export Market is seeking to increase its Buffalo Meat Imports Quota from Indonesia


As per the latest reports released by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (United Nations), the world population is going to cross the benchmark of 8.8 billion people by the year 2030. This ever-increasing population poses huge pressure on the resources available to produce not only more but a variety of food items as per every person’s taste and preference. Due to growing awareness amongst people about healthy diets, they are shifting towards rich sources of protein and other nutrients. To fulfill this demand, the livestock industry comes into action.

Amongst all the sources of animal foods, cattle and buffalo meat is the most popular source of protein and nutrients. This segment has the largest share of the global meat market. Beef, derived from buffalo and cattle is the richest source of protein than other alternatives. It has been estimated that the global demand for meat will cross 370 million tons by 2030 and the per capita consumption of meat will also cross 36kg by 2028.



In the year 2020, the production of bovine meat touched the benchmark of 3,750 thousand tons. According to the reports, India exported bovine meat and beef worth USD 38.9 million across the world in the year 2020 which made it the 31st biggest exporter of cattle meat.

Some of the major importers of bovine meat from India, as per the Import Export Data of each country are Malaysia, Vietnam, Iraq, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. Amongst all, the top 5 nations that account for USD 3.3 billion of total Indian meat exports in the fiscal year 2021-22 are:

  • Vietnam (9.1% of total Indian exports)
  • Malaysia (8.5% of total Indian exports)
  • Egypt (8% of total Indian exports)
  • Indonesia (6.8% of total Indian exports)
  • Iraq (4% of total Indian exports)


In the year 2022, close to 1.1 metric tons of bovine meat has been exported from India to the world. Currently, there are a total of 89 meat and beef processing facilities amongst which 6 are dedicated slaughterhouses that have the approval of exporting meat from the nation.

The Biggest beef exporting cities In India as per the latest statistics of 2022 were:

  • Mumbai (39.94% of total beef exports)
  • New Delhi (24.98% of total beef exports)
  • Aligarh (6.25% of total beef exports)
  • Ghaziabad (5.95% of total beef exports)
  • Agra (4.69% of total beef exports)


The Commerce Ministry of India has told that during the last decade, the demand for Indian meat and beef grew due to its quality and nutritional values. This became possible only because buffalo meat is made and exported as per the norms of the OIE and other standard regulations.

If you are interested in knowing the names of some of the amazing beef exporters from India in the year 2022, then they are as follows:

  • Allanasons Private Limited (Rs. 2028 crores)
  • AI-Hamd Food Products Private Limited (Rs. 400 crores)
  • Mirha Exports Private Limited (Rs. 300 crores)
  • MK Overseas Private Limited (Rs. 295 crores)
  • HMA Agro Industries Private Limited (Rs. 250 crores)


By exporting boneless buffalo meat, India has become one of the leading nations in exporting food derived from animals, especially meat and beef. India has all the requisites for the safe exporting of beef and buffalo meat like the machinery, food safety management system, infrastructure, and resources.



As per some of the officials, India is in conversation with Indonesia about increasing Indonesia’s buffalo meat import quota from India. As of now, the Buffalo meat and beef import quota is set close to just 0.1 million tons per year by Indonesia.

After studying Indonesia Import Data for several years, it has been concluded that Indonesia is the fourth biggest export destination of India for exporting buffalo meat and beef. M Angamuthu, who is the chairman of APEDA told that Indonesia has been asked to publish its export quota before the due date and increase its import quota for buffalo meat and beef from India.

As of now and according to recent reports, Indonesia has given approval to 29 meat-producing facilities in India which are located in UP, Maharashtra, Kerala, Bihar, and Punjab that can export beef from India to Indonesia. Very recently, a group of officials from APEDA made a visit to Indonesia to discuss further steps that can boost shipments of buffalo meat from India.


India, the second-largest exporter of buffalo meat after Brazil has asked Indonesia to allow its buffalo meat and beef imports through Medan Port rather than Jakarta port. Medan port lies on the northern coast and Jakarta port is situated on the southern coast of the country.

The distance between these two ports is around 1500km. As per the Indian officials, if the Medan Port is opened, then it would boost the exports of buffalo meat from India as it will save transportation costs and time. 

M Angamuthu said that the request to open Medan Port has already been made to Indonesia and the decision regarding the same will come anytime soon. Moreover, the request for releasing the export quota on time has also been made.


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