Top 10 Tea Exporter Countries in 2022

Explore top 10 tea exporting countries Statistics, China exports the most tea worth $2.08 billion, followed by Kenya at $1.38 billion and Sri Lanka at $1.23 billion in 2022.

Top 10 Tea Exporter Countries in 2022

Tea Exporter Statistics of 2022

In 2022, the worldwide tea exporter trade statistics have proven significant growth in comparison to preceding years. This increase may be attributed to different factors along with growing demand for unique teas, converting patron possibilities, and the upward push of e-commerce platforms facilitating global trade. The HS code for Tea is 0902. The overall tea exports had a total value of $8.51 billion in 2022. In 2022, The Global Tea Market Size was worth $49.53 Billion. One of the important thing drivers at the back of the increase of the tea exporter trade in 2022 is the increasing demand for the area of expertise teas. Consumers are getting greater adventurous and experimental with their tea picks, looking for particular flavors and blends from specific regions around the sector. This fashion has created opportunities for tea producers and exporters to cater to niche markets and increase their patron base. Let's delve into the tea exporter statistics and developments shaping the tea trade landscape in 2022.

Top 10 biggest tea exporters

What are the Top 10 Tea Exporting countries in 2022?

China emerged as the biggest tea exporter in 2022 with tea exports worth $1.73 billion. The top 10 tea-exporting countries in 2022 include:

  1. China: $2.08 billion
  2. Kenya: $1.38 billion
  3. Sri Lanka: $1.23 billion
  4. India: $751.06 million 
  5. UAE: $439.41 million 
  6. Poland: $252.68 million 
  7. Germany: $234.98 million 
  8. Vietnam: $223.08 million  
  9. Japan: $170.41 million 
  10. United Kingdom: $122.99 million

Decoding the Tea exporter statistics from the last 4 years

Tea Exporters

Export value: 2019

Export value: 2020

Export value: 2021

Export value: 2022



$2.01 billion

$2.03 billion

$2.29 billion

$2.08 billion



$1.11 billion

$1.12 billion

$1.19 billion

$1.38 billion

Sri Lanka


$1.32 billion

$1.32 billion

$1.39 billion

$1.23 billion


$813.74 million

$692.04 million

$687.89 million

$751.06 million


$295.45 million

$315.65 million

$338.03 million

$439.41 million


$255.20 million

$264.51 billion

$262.80 million

$252.68 million


$250.89 million

$228.15 million

$250.26 million

$234.98 million


$230.74 million

$198.26 million

$204.12 million

$223.08 million


$137.14 million

$154.30 million

$189.89 million

$170.41 million


$138.29 million

$135.70 million

$135.22 million

$122.99 million

Total export

$8.24 billion

$8.16 billion

$8.63 billion

$8.50 billion


What are the biggest tea-producing countries in 2022?

Not every nation produces tea equally when it comes to the world market. While some countries excel in creating distinctive mixes and growing premium leaves, others lead the world in terms of sheer output volume. China, the country where tea originated, produced 2.2 million tons of tea in 2022, making it the biggest tea producer. The top 10 tea-producer countries in 2022 are:

  1. China: 2.2 million tons
  2. India: 1.2 million tons
  3. Kenya: 432,000 tons
  4. Sri Lanka: 340,000 tons
  5. Vietnam: 214,000 tons
  6. Turkey: 212,000 tons
  7. Iran: 160,000 tons
  8. Indonesia: 148,000 tons
  9. Argentina: 105,000 tons
  10. Japan: 85,000 tons

What are the Top 10 Tea Exporter-Supplier Companies in 2022?

The top 10 Tea companies in 2022 include:

  1. Akbar Tea (Sri Lanka)
  2. Ten Fu Group (China)
  3. Tetley – Tata Global Beverages (India)
  4. Bigelow Tea Company (United States)
  5. George Steuart Group (Sri Lanka)
  6. Twinings (United Kingdom)
  7. Harada Tea Processing (Japan)
  8. Lancashire Tea (United Kingdom)
  9. Teekanne (Germany)
  10. Douwe Egberts (Netherlands)

What are the most exported tea types?

Tea is classified and sold in different categories, varieties, flavors, and colors. Some of the most popular tea products in the global tea market with their export value in 2022 include:

  • Black Tea: $6.18 billion 
  • Matcha tea: $2.67 billion 
  • Green tea: $2.35 billion
  • Oolong Tea: $2.1 billion
  • Herbal Tea: $968.09 million 
  • Darjeeling tea: $752 million 

How to find potential tea buyers and suppliers at the best prices?

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To conclude, the tea exporter trade statistics of 2022 reflect a thriving industry fueled by the aid of growing demand for the area of expertise teas, changing customer alternatives, and the impact of e-commerce. Countries like China lead the tea export arena in 2022. As the tea marketplace continues to evolve and enlarge, it offers new opportunities for tea producers, exporters, and traders to capitalize on rising traits and grow their groups. With the right techniques and innovations, the destiny of the tea trade enterprise appears promising and full of growth ahead.

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