Top 10 Brazil Exporting Partners - 2018

Brazil shipped USD 239.9 billion worth of goods around the globe in 2018. It included Soyabeans, Mineral Fuels, and meat.

Top 10 Brazil Exporting Partners - 2018


Brazil Exporting Partners
TOP 10 Brazil Exporting Partners 2018 Infographics

Brazil is the largest country in South America, accounting for one-third of the Latin American population and the fifth largest nation in the world. Brazil is the World’s most influential and rising economic power country. Due to its consistently strong productive agricultural performance, the Year 2018 ended with excellent news for the Brazilian Economical sector with tremendous growth in export markets.

Brazil shipped USD 239.9 billion worth of goods around the globe in 2018. There were multiple products that raised this country’s growth to a higher level such as; Soybeans (USD 33.2 Billion), Mineral Fuels (USD 29.7 Billion), Ores (USD 23.7 Billion), Meat (USD 13.3 Billion), Vehicles (USD 12.7 Billion), Sugar (USD 6.7 Billion), Coffee (USD 4.84 Billion) Corn (USD 3.5 Billion).

Top Export Destinations were;

                                    China = USD 64.9 Billion                     United States = USD 29.1 Billion

                                    Argentina = USD 14.9 Billion               Netherlands = USD 13 Billion

                                   Chile = USD 6 Billion                           Germany = USD 6 Billion

                                   Spain = USD 5 Billion                          Mexico = USD 4.5 Billion

                                   Japan = USD 4.3 Billion                      India = USD 3.9 Billion

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