Mexico Import Export Data

Unlock the potential of Mexico's import-export market with reliable and accurate details such as HS Code, Product, Price, Quantity, and shipment value with customs data, to find out comprehensive details on Mexico’s import-export data. The goods trade deficit in Mexico in 2022 was roughly 48.13 billion dollars according to the trade data.

Mexico Import Export Data



In today's interconnected global economy, understanding trade data is crucial for businesses looking to maximize opportunities and gain a competitive edge. Mexico, as one of the world's largest trading nations, offers immense potential for businesses engaged in import-export activities. In this article, we will delve into the importance of Mexico's import-export data and how it can serve as a valuable tool to drive growth and enhance decision-making for businesses.


Understanding Mexico's Import Market

By analyzing the Mexico import data –

  • Businesses can gain comprehensive insights into the country's import dynamics.
  • Trade with the top importing industries.
  • Find major trading partners.
  • Get valuable product information.


Top imports of Mexico

According to the Mexico import data for 2022, the top imports are:

  1. Electrical machines (USD 117.27 billion)
  2. Mineral fuels (USD 62.90 billion)
  3. Automobiles (USD 48.28 billion)
  4. Articles of plastic (USD 32.72 billion)
  5. Iron and steel (USD 20.82 billion)
  6. Precision and optical tools (USD 18.74 billion)
  7. Organic chemicals (USD 13.29 billion)
  8. Cereals (USD 8.88 billion)


Understanding Mexico's Export Economy

Mexico's export sector plays a vital role in driving its economic growth. By Analyzing the Mexico export data –

  • Businesses can understand the country's export patterns.
  • Get insights into target markets.
  • Export products that are in high demand internationally.


Top Exports of Mexico

According to the Mexico export data for 2022, the top exports are:

  1. Automobiles (USD 136.07 billion)
  2. Electrical machines (USD 97.32 billion)
  3. Mineral fuels (USD 37.84 billion)
  4. Precision and optical tools (USD 22.83 billion)
  5. Articles of plastic (USD 13.14 billion)
  6. Furniture (USD 12.78 billion)
  7. Beverages, spirits, and vinegar (USD 11.64 billion)
  8. Iron and steel articles (USD 10.06 billion)



Mexico, with its robust import and export activities, opens doors to numerous opportunities across various sectors. By leveraging the Mexico import-export data, businesses can identify lucrative product categories, evaluate competitors, target export markets, and optimize their trade strategies.

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