Brazil Sugar Exports Statistics 2022-2023

Brazil exported $11.23 billion worth of Sugar around the world in 2022, while the exports of Brazilian sugar reached $90.424 million in November 2023. Discover Brazil's dominance in the sugar export industry, how much sugar it exports annually, its key export partners, and the destinations where Brazilian sugar finds its sweet spot.

Brazil Sugar Exports Statistics 2022-2023


Brazil, the largest patron of sugar in the world, has established itself as a major player in the global market of sugar exports. Sugar is regarded as a necessary element of numerous introductory reflections in the mortal diet. Nearly 80% of the sugar produced worldwide comes from sugarcane. Roughly 75% of the world's sugar products are produced in the top 10 producing nations, which are Brazil, India, Thailand, China, the US, Mexico, Russia, Pakistan, France, and Australia. Brazil is the leading party in the global sugar request, contributing 40% of global sugar exports and exporting 70% of its total products outside. With its abundant natural resources, favorable climate, and advanced agrarian practices, Brazil has become a leading exporter of sugar. Brazilian Sugar- Sugarcane, which was brought to Brazil during the social period, is now one of the top crops in the country's frugality. In addition to being the world's top patron of sugar clubs, Brazil is also leading the way in the product of ethanol, sugar, and biofuels, which is helping it gain ground in transnational requests. In this blog, we will claw into the fascinating world of Brazil's sugar exports, exploring the volume of sugar exported, the crucial players in the assiduity, the destinations of Brazil's sugar, and the different types of sugar that find their way into transnational requests.

How much Sugar is Exported from Brazil?

Brazil constantly ranks as the top sugar-exporting nation encyclopedically. In recent times, the country has exported an emotional normal of over 20 million tons of sugar annually. According to the Brazil export data, Brazil exported $11.23 billion worth of Sugar around the world in 2022. The sheer scale of Brazil's sugar exports highlights its significance in meeting the global demand for this sweet commodity. also, Brazil maintains a steady growth line, continuously expanding its sugar product capabilities and further solidifying its position as a dominant sugar exporter. When it comes to sugar products, Brazil stands altitudinous as the undisputed champion. The country constantly ranks as the largest sugar exporter, counting for a stunning chance of the global market. In recent times, Brazil has exported a normal of 20 million metric tons of sugar annually. This remarkable volume is a testament to the country's robust agrarian sector and the effectiveness of its product processes.

According to the recent trade data from Brazil, the diurnal average earnings from exports of Brazilian sugar and other molasses reached $90.424 million in November 2023, with seven business days remaining in history. In the meantime, 174,266 metric tons were exported on average per day during the month. At an average price of $518.90 per metric ton, Brazil exported metric tons of sugar in November 2023, bringing in $633 million in profit. The diurnal value attained from sugar exports in November 2023 is 29.4% more advanced than the diurnal normal of $69.863 million in November 2022.

Brazil's Sugar Export Companies

Several Brazilian companies play a vital part in the country's sugar import assiduity. These companies are engaged in the product, processing, and distribution of sugar, icing a smooth force chain gauging from the sugar fields to the transnational requests. Over 23% of the world's sugar products come from exports, with nearly half of Brazil's sugar products going to overseas requests. With nearly 49% of its entire sugar product exported, Brazil is the world's top sugar exporter. Brazilian sugar associations are well-known for the decoration of sugar goods they bring to the request at prices that are competitive and through effective distribution networks. Leading Brazilian sugar exporters include São Martinho, Cosan, and Copersucar. Some of the notable sugar export companies in Brazil include:

  • Copersucar: As one of the largest sugar exporters worldwide, Copersucar boasts an extensive network of suppliers and buyers. With a total export profit of $5.38 billion, Copersucar led the Brazilian sugar assiduity in 2022 in terms of net profit. The company operates in several regions across Brazil, delivering high-quality sugar to its global industry.
  • Cosan: With a diversified portfolio including sugar, ethanol, and energy, Cosan has established itself as a key player in Brazil's sugar industry. The company's commitment to sustainable practices further enhances its character in the global request.
  • São Martinho: Known for its innovation and efficiency, São Martinho is a top sugar producer and exporter in Brazil. With $1.11 billion in net export profit, São Martinho is another big party in the Brazilian sugar assiduity. The company combines advanced technology with sustainable agriculture practices to deliver premium sugar products to international clients.

Brazil’s sugar export partners

Brazil exports its sugar to a wide range of global destinations, catering to the varying demands of different countries. Some of the major trade partners for Brazil's sugar exports include:

  1. China: 15.1% ($1.69 billion) - China has surfaced as one of Brazil's crucial sugar export mates, with a growing demand for imported sugar to satisfy its domestic consumption and artificial requirements.
  2. Algeria: 6.9% ($773 million) - Brazil is a major supplier of sugar to Algeria, which uses it in a variety of ways, including food processing and beverage ingredients.
  3. Nigeria: 5.7% ($641.36 million) - Nigeria is a significant market for Brazilian sugar exports since the country's requirement for imported sugar to meet its industrial and home demands is rising.
  4. Morocco: 5.7% ($635.95 million) - Morocco is very dependent on Brazil for its Sugar exports, to fulfill the country's domestic needs.
  5. Canada: 4.6% ($513.80 million) - Canada is a big importer of Brazilian sugar and uses it for a lot of different things, like food processing and beverage ingredients.
  6. Indonesia: 4.4% ($494.29 million) - Due to the country's growing requirement for imported sugar to match its commercial consumption, Indonesia has emerged as one of Brazil's primary sugar export customers.
  7. Russia: 2.6% ($287.18 million) - Russia has become one of Brazil's main export markets for sugar due to the country's increasing need for imported sugar to meet its commercial and domestic consumption requirements.
  8. United States: 2.2% ($251.38 million) - The United States is a significant importer of Brazilian sugar, exercising it for different purposes similar to food processing and as a component in beverages.
  9. India: 2% ($228.52 million) - Despite being a major sugar-producing country, India, at times, imports sugar from Brazil to meet its soaring demand.
  10. United Kingdom: 1.1% ($118.73 million) - The United Kingdom is another significant market for Brazil's sugar exports as a part of the European Union being a major importer.

Brazil sugar exporters

Where does Brazil Export its Sugar to?

Brazil's sugar reaches far corners of the globe, satisfying the sweet tooth of millions of consumers worldwide. Besides the already mentioned countries, Brazil's sugar exports find their way to colorful regions, including:

  1. Middle East: Middle Eastern countries in the Middle East like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, import substantial amounts of Brazilian sugar, feeding the region's growing population and culinary preferences.
  2. Africa: Brazil's sugar exports contribute to meeting the sugar demand in multitudinous African nations, including Egypt, Algeria, and Nigeria.
  3. Latin America: Although several Latin American countries themselves produce sugar, Brazil's competitive pricing and consistent quality make it an attractive option for sugar imports in the region.

Types of Sugar Exported from Brazil

Brazil exports different types of sugar, each catering to specific consumer needs and preferences. The two primary types of sugar exported from Brazil include:

  1. Raw Sugar: Raw sugar, also known as VHP (veritably High Polarization) sugar, undergoes minimum processing and retains an advanced molasses content. This type of sugar is generally used in artificial operations and serves as a base for further refining.
  2. Refined Sugar: Refined sugar undergoes significant processing to remove contaminations and produce an advanced-quality product. This sugar variant is extensively used in homes, marketable food products, and the libation assiduity.
  3. Sugarcanes: Sugarcane types with soft, stringy innards that are suitable for biting are known as biting nightsticks. When you bite, the filaments tend to clump together, making it easier to speak out when the sugar is gone. nightsticks with saccharinity.
  4. Syrup canes: There are a range of sugar kinds that work well for making sugar saccharinity but do not solidify readily.
  5. Crystal canes: Habituated to manufacture formed table sugar, demitasse nightsticks are also substantially marketable types with high sucrose contents.

Who is the biggest exporter of sugar in the world?

According to the global trade data for sugar exports in 2022, Brazil is the biggest sugar exporter in the world with $11.23 billion in sugar exports followed by India and Thailand. Here is a table to depict the export data for the biggest Sugar exporters in the world:


Year (Sugar exports in 2022)

Brazil (19.3%)

$11.23 billion

India (10.9%)

$6.32 billion

Thailand (6.4%)

$3.73 billion

Germany (6%)

$3.50 billion

China (4.4%)

$2.56 billion


What are the major highlights of Brazilian sugar exports in 2023?

  • In 2023, Brazilian sugar exports to 4,728 buyers totaled 179.4K, shipped by 2,090 Brazil exporters.
  • The majority of Brazil's sugar exports go to Paraguay, India, and the United States.
  • Germany, with 729,968 exports, the Netherlands (675,772), and France (ranked third with 597,765) are the top three sugar exporters in the world in 2023.


Brazil, with its unequaled product capabilities and effective export structure, has become a global hustler in the sugar export assiduity. Its sugar exports contribute significantly to meeting the world's sweet taste, reaching consumers across the globe. By continuously perfecting its agrarian practices, icing sustainable products, and meeting different client demands, Brazil is poised to maintain its dominance in the global sugar market for times to come. Brazil's sugar exports, with its exceptional product capabilities, strong export collaborations, and different range of sugar immolations, Brazil continues to dominate the global sugar industry.

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