What are the top 10 exports of Germany?

Germany’s total exports accounted for $1.68 trillion in 2023. Discover the top 10 exports of Germany in 2023 and learn about the main industries driving the country's export success along with the potential of its major exports.

What are the top 10 exports of Germany?


Germany is famed for its strong economic coverage and robust export sector. In 2023, Germany persisted in consolidating its role as one of the globe’s leading exporters. The German economy depends carefully on the potential to export a huge range of products to international locations around the sector. But who precisely are Germany’s pinnacle 10 exports? Let’s take a better look at the most important industries that pressure German exports. According to Germany’s export data, in 2023 the total amount of goods exported from Germany accounted for $1.68 trillion. Exports from Germany had a total value of $1.65 trillion in 2022, and the exports expanded by 3% in 2023 in evaluation to the preceding year. In 2023, Germany’s primary export commodity became vehicles and elements thereof, accounting for 17.2% of normal exports. Among the largest export gadgets, nuclear machinery (14.3%) and electric-powered machinery (9%) came in 2nd and 1/3, respectively. Let's dive into the facts and find out the number one export industry in Germany, its major export trends, and the aspect of the potentialities of its top 10 export goods.

Germany’s Export Landscape

Germany's export data shows steady growth over the years because the country keeps playing a position as one of the world's largest exporters. A huge variety of trade exchange is carried through Germany's exports reflecting its competencies in sectors ranging from technology to healthcare. At the end of 2023, Germany's goods trade surplus increased even more, providing more proof that net exports contributed significantly to GDP growth in the fourth quarter. According to the latest export data, vehicles and machinery remain the pinnacle export merchandise of Germany, with regular rise in sectors such as chemical substances, electronics, and the clinical sector. The information additionally highlights Germany's function as a prime player in international trade, with a robust recognition of first-class and innovation.

What are the major Exports of Germany in 2023?

Germany's culmination of its top 10 exports in 2023 represents an impressively diversified mixture and displays the country's economic strength within the global trade arena. Major exports encompass automobiles, equipment, pharmaceuticals, electronics, prescribed drugs, optical and sanatorium devices, plane and aerospace merchandise, car components, plastics, and articles of iron and metal. Germany's top 10 exports in 2023 are:

major Exports of Germany

  1. Vehicles: $293.55 billion
  2. Nuclear reactors and machinery: $272.72 billion
  3. Electrical machinery and equipment: $189.77 billion
  4. Pharmaceutical products: $119.28 billion
  5. Optical, medical, or surgical instruments: $84.09 billion
  6. Plastics and articles thereof: $68.62 billion
  7. Articles of iron and steel: $36.16 billion
  8. Miscellaneous chemical products: $36.13 billion
  9. Commodities not elsewhere specified: $35.66 billion
  10. Aircraft, spacecraft, and parts thereof: $34.19 billion

Vehicles - Germany is well-known for its extraordinary automobiles, making cars and automobile components one of its pinnacle exports. The HS code for vehicles is 8703. Being the main export in Germany, the whole export cost of Vehicles and car components in 2023 accounted for $293.55 billion.

Nuclear reactors and Machinery - German engineering is famous worldwide, with machinery being a good sized export for the country. The HS code for nuclear reactors and machinery is 8401. Germany exported a total of $272.72 billion in nuclear reactors and gadgets in 2023.

Electrical Machinery and Equipment - From domestic devices to electronics, Germany exports numerous electrical gadgets and systems. The HS code for Electrical machinery and equipment is 8501. Electrical equipment exports from Germany had a complete export value of $189.77 billion in 2023.

Pharmaceuticals - Germany produces many pharmaceuticals and medicines that can capture worldwide interest. The HS code for Pharmaceuticals is 3006. In 2023, Germany’s pharmaceutical products exports reached $119.28 billion.

Optical, medical, or surgical instruments - The clinical area in Germany is a key player in international exports, specifically in optical and medical devices. The HS code for optical, medical, or surgical instruments is 9031. Germany’s optical instrument exports in 2023 accounted for $84.09 billion.

Plastics and articles thereof - German-made plastics and rubber products are in high call for in various industries. The HS code for plastics and articles thereof is 3926. Germany exported a complete of $68.62 billion of plastic and articles in 2023.

Articles of Iron and Steel - Germany is a main exporter of metals such as metallic, iron, and steel. The HS code for articles of Iron and Steel is 7326. The general export value of this commodity in 2023 turned into $36.16 billion.

Miscellaneous chemical products - Germany is incredibly esteemed for its wide range of amazing chemical products. The HS code for miscellaneous chemical products is 3801. The country boasts a robust manufacturing enterprise producing a wide array of miscellaneous chemical merchandise. Miscellaneous chemical merchandise exports from Germany had an export value of $36.13 billion in 2023.

Commodities not elsewhere specified - From specialized equipment and gadgets to revolutionary technology, Germany's commodities not elsewhere specified constitute a cornerstone of the global market with a total export value of $35.66 billion in 2023.

Aircraft and Spacecraft - Known for its precision engineering, Germany has long been on the leading fringe of aerospace generation, with a wealthy record of manufacturing advanced planes and spacecraft. The HS code for Aircraft and spacecraft is 8802. Germany’s normal exports of aircraft and spacecraft in 2023 accounted for $34.19 billion.

Who are the top 10 export partners of Germany?

Germany, a global monetary powerhouse, continues to strengthen its trade partnerships with various nations around the world. In 2023, the top 10 export partners of Germany play a vital role in the country’s global trade activities. Germany's pinnacle export partners in 2023 include:

  1. USA: $170.77 billion
  2. France: $125.8 billion
  3. Netherlands: $119.13 billion
  4. China: $105.25 billion
  5. Poland: $96.42 billion
  6. Italy: $91.34 billion
  7. United Kingdom: $84.65 billion
  8. Austria: $82.99 billion
  9. Switzerland: $72.73 billion
  10. Belgium: $65.09 billion

What is the Main Export Industry in Germany?

The important export enterprise in Germany is the automobile and vehicles industry with a 17.2% proportion in popular exports. German car producers which consist of Volkswagen, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz are international leaders within the agency, generating immoderate-forestall automobiles that can be in call for international. The country's vehicle agency additionally consists of a sturdy network of providers and manufacturers of car factors, contributing extensively to Germany's export economy.

The Future of Germany's Export Products

Looking ahead, the future of Germany's export merchandise is vibrant. The country's cognizance of era, innovation, and sustainability is predicted to drive an increase in key sectors inclusive of electric motors, renewable power, and virtual products. Germany's recognition for first-class and reliability will stay a first-rate asset within the global marketplace, ensuring the success of its export industry for future years.


In conclusion, the top 10 exports of Germany replicate the country’s numerous and dynamic financial system, with a strong emphasis on first-class, innovation, and precision. From cars to equipment, Germany's export products are well-liked globally, contributing to its reputation as a leading export powerhouse. As the nation maintains to put money into technology and sustainability, destiny seems promising for Germany's export industry.


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