Japan’s Car Export Statistics 2023-24

Discover Japan’s car export statistics for 2023-24 and explore the top 10 importers of Japanese cars, major car exports by Japan, and export trends in the Japanese automotive industry as Japan exported cars worth $110.13 billion in 2023.

Japan’s Car Export Statistics 2023-24

The Japanese car industry is usually a powerhouse in the global market, and they produce good cars, known for their reliability and innovation. Over the years, Japan has continued to produce more cars in the international market constantly, and millions of cars are exported to international destinations worldwide. The HS code for motor cars is 8703. In 2023, Japan dominated the global automotive export market, and the remarkable statistics made its role as the main participant in the industry strong. Japan's car export and manufacturing sector, which accounts for 13.9% market share of the manufacturing GDP and 2.9% market share of the country's GDP overall, is important to the nation's economic well-being. Japan's overall car exports rose from 1.07 million Japanese yen in January 2024 to 1.27 million Japanese yen in February 2024. In this article, we will gain insights into Japan's car export statistics for 2023, the top 10 export partners of Japanese cars, and explore Japan's car export industry and automotive sector.

How many cars does Japan export?

In 2023, Japanese automakers exported a variety of cars to countries around the arena, including popular cars like the Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic and Nissan Altima cost transportation for all foreign countries. Japan's car exports had a total value of $110.13 billion in 2023. Over 20 percent more passenger vehicles were shipped from Japan in 2023 than within the preceding year, totaling over 5.27 million cars. The general price of cars exported is approximately 15.54 trillion Japanese yen. These vehicles are recognized for their sturdiness, fuel performance, and superior generation.

What are the top 10 trade partners of Japan’s car exports?

Japan cars exporters


Japan exported cars worth $110.13 billion in 2023 with USA, Australia, and China being its pinnacle importers. The top 10 export partners or importers of Japan’s cars in 2023 include:

  1. USA: $41.07 billion

The United States has long been a major market for Japanese vehicles, with American consumers taking part in the reliability and efficiency of motors from manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda, and Nissan. In 2023, the United States remained Japan's pinnacle car export associate, accounting for a large part of the United States's general exports.

  1. Australia: $8.21 billion

Australia has additionally been a key destination for Japanese cars, with purchasers in the United States appreciating the first-rate and overall performance of cars from Japan. In 2023, Australia maintained its function as one of Japan's top car importers, with a constant call for Japanese cars within the market.

  1. China: $6.61 billion

As one of the biggest car markets in the world, China has always been a crucial export partner for Japanese vehicle manufacturers. In 2023, China persisted in being a first-rate vacation spot for Japanese motors, with a developing number of clients inside the United States of America opting for vehicles from Japan.

  1. Canada: $5.23 billion

Canada is some other vital export companion for Japan, with Canadian purchasers valuing the reliability and innovation of Japanese cars. In 2023, Canada remained a pinnacle destination for Japanese motors, with sturdy sales and demand in the Canadian market.

  1. United Kingdom: $3.74 billion

The United Kingdom has a long record of importing Japanese motors, with British clients appreciating the era and design of cars from Japan. In 2023, the United Kingdom maintained its role as one of Japan's top export companions for automobiles, with a loyal consumer base that continues to support Japanese exporters.

  1. Saudi Arabia: $3.52 billion

Saudi Arabia has emerged as a sizable marketplace for Japanese vehicles, with clients inside the nation. Favoring the comfort and comfort of vehicles from Japan. In 2023, Saudi Arabia remained a key export accomplice for Japanese exporters, with a regular call for Japanese motors within the Saudi market.

  1. United Arab Emirates: $2.99 billion

The United Arab Emirates has additionally turned out to be a famous destination for Japan’s cars, with purchasers inside the UAE choosing the overall performance and satisfaction of vehicles from Japan. In 2023, the UAE persisted in being a top export partner for Japanese producers, with a developing interest in Japanese cars amongst customers within the United States of America.

  1. Germany: $2.43 billion

Germany, recognized for its car enterprise, has a strong call for Japanese cars, with German consumers valuing the engineering and technology of vehicles from Japan. In 2023, Germany maintained its function as a pinnacle export companion for Japanese manufacturers, with a robust market for Japanese vehicles inside the country.

  1. Chinese Taipei: $2.20 billion

Chinese Taipei, also called Taiwan, has a robust affinity for Japanese vehicles, with purchasers inside the country, appreciating the reliability and performance of cars from Japan. In 2023, Chinese Taipei remained a key export companion for Japan’s car exporters, with a devoted purchaser base that continues to support Japanese brands.

  1. Mexico: $1.71 billion

Mexico has emerged as a growing market for Japan’s cars, with Mexican purchasers displaying a desire for the layout and performance of cars from Japan. In 2023, Mexico maintained its position as a top export companion for Japanese producers, with a growing demand for Japanese cars in the Mexican market.

What are the top 10 Car manufacturers in Japan?

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Toyota sold 1.58 million cars domestically in 2023, making it the top car manufacturer in Japan. Compared to the prior year, the total volume of car sales rose by over 500,000, totaling around 4.78 million. Japan's top 10 car manufacturers in 2023 include:

  1. Toyota: 1.57 billion units
  2. Suzuki: 650.57 million units
  3. Daihatsu: 594.51 million units
  4. Honda: 594.29 million units
  5. Nissan: 480.67 million units
  6. Mazda: 177.86 million units
  7. Subaru: 106 million units
  8. Mitsubishi: 103.73 million units
  9. Lexus: 94.65 million units
  10. Isuzu: 64.59 million units

What are Japan’s Top Car Brands?

Toyota sold 1.58 million cars domestically in 2023, making it the top automaker in Japan. Compared to the prior year, the total car sales volume rose by over 500,000 units or 4.78 million exemplars. In that particular year, the majority of brands managed to see a rise in vehicle sales.

Nearly every car maker in the ranking was a Japanese company. It is interesting to note that German automakers ranked among the top three foreign brands among the nation's main market participants. The bestselling car models in Japan further demonstrate the country's predilection for indigenous automakers. the ranking that only includes domestic manufacturer car models. Two Toyota vehicles held the top two spots: the Yaris, which has been named number 1 for four years running. Next in line was the Corolla. The only other brands in the top 10 passenger car rankings, aside from Toyota, were Nissan and Honda. Japan’s top 10 car export brands in 2023 include:

  1. Toyota
  2. Lexus
  3. Nissan
  4. Infiniti
  5. Honda
  6. Acura
  7. Mazda
  8. Suzuki
  9. Subaru
  10. Mitsubishi

Which Japanese car brand is the best?

Toyota is the best car brand in Japan. Japanese automakers Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Lexus, Honda, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, and so on are the most dependable. Toyota automobiles are renowned for their dependability and are among the most dependable companies worldwide. With sales of about 194.4 thousand units, Toyota's Yaris was the best-selling passenger car model in the new vehicle category in the Japanese auto market in 2023. The Toyota Corolla came in second place with sales of about 154.9 thousand units.

How to export cars from Japan?

There are many tactics involved in exporting cars from Japan, all of which can be vital to a seamless operation. Because of their recognition for high great and dependability, many people pick to import Japanese cars. There are numerous important tactics concerned with the delivery of a car from Japan. From 1.07 million Japanese yen in January 2024 to 1.27 million Japanese yen in February 2024, Japan's total car exports increased. In 2023, Japan's car exports accounted for a total of $110.13 billion. You can analyze the car prices and car export trends from Japan with TradeImeX, as this data-providing platform can help you acquire complete data regarding Japan’s car exports.

  • First and essential, it's vital to compile the specified paperwork and the export certificate. It indicates that your vehicle can be exported.
  • The Bill of Sale, which contains purchase information and is evidence of your ownership, comes next.
  • The De-registration Certificate, which certifies that your car is prepared for export and is no longer registered in Japan, is also very important.

Some key methods to export cars from Japan include:

  • Selecting the appropriate exporting option
  • Recognizing the associated costs
  • Getting around customs regulations

The Future of Japan's Car Exports

With a strong awareness of innovation, best, and sustainability, Japanese manufacturers are poised to maintain their position as leaders in the enterprise. As the call for fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly motors keeps developing, Japan is properly placed to satisfy the wishes of purchasers globally, ensuring that its car export records remain remarkable for future years. Japan has been experimenting increasingly with electric car generation. Battery electric motors (BEVs), plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), smooth diesel cars, and fuel cellular electric cars (FCEVs) incorporate the destiny-technology car marketplace. For now, Japanese automakers seem to prefer gas-electric hybrids over completely electric motors. Consequently, the said objective is to outlaw the sale of logo-new vehicles powered completely via gasoline by 2035. For a long period, BEVs and hydrogen gas cell electric automobiles (FCEVs) may additionally supplement Japanese policies.

How to find potential car suppliers from Japan?

You can find thousands of potential Japanese car suppliers at the best prices. When seeking potential car suppliers from Japan, utilizing online directories specialized in automobile industries, looking at online platforms, attending trade shows, and joining applicable trade institutions which include the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association can be wonderful. Additionally, engaging in thorough research on Japanese automotive agencies, organizing verbal trade through expert networks, and quality in partnerships with reliable sourcing agents can ease the process of figuring out reliable car suppliers and exporters from Japan.


To conclude, Japan’s car export statistics for 2023-24 spotlight the country's endured fulfillment in the global automotive marketplace, with a strong presence in key export companions and a large range of cars being shipped around the sector. With a focus on exceptional, innovation, and sustainability, the future of Japan's car exports appears vivid, promising continued rise and success for the nation's automobile and car enterprise.


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