Top 10 Products Exported from Turkey to The World

Turkey is a dynamic and rapidly growing nation. It has trade relations with almost every nation and will start the trade in a full spin after recovering from the damage caused by the earthquake.

Top 10 Products Exported from Turkey to The World


The Apex body in the world that manages the economy of the world, better known as the International Monetary Fund, mentions that Turkey is one of the emerging markets in the world and the trade facilities to and from the country are getting better every year. Turkey is also the founder member of the OECD Group (1961) and also a major player in the G20 group. According to the classifications given by the world bank, Turkey is in the group of upper-middle-income countries with regard to its GDP growth.

The population of the country is merely 85.3 million as per the latest records of 2022. The HDI ranking of the country is close to 0.838 which is very amazing. Whenever we talk about the production of agricultural products, automobiles, garments, and electronics the first name comes if of Turkey as it is one of the major producers of these items.

Till January 2023 everything was going smoothly and the economy of Turkey and Turkey Trade Data was in a full spin but due to the coming up of a massive earthquake at the beginning of February 2023, the complete infrastructure of the nation got damaged. Factories, warehouses, and manufacturing units, everything got damaged, and non-operations affected Turkey Export Data the most.



Although numerous products and items were exported from Turkey to the world in the year 2022, amongst all, according to Turkey Export Data the major contribution of the following items was the most in the year 2022.

  • Light Motor Vehicles (USD 26.80 billion)
  • Machinery and appliances (USD 22.67 billion)
  • Mineral fuels and oils (USD 16.37 billion)
  • Iron and steel (USD 14.62 billion)
  • Electric machines and gadgets (USD 13.70 billion)
  • Plastic articles (USD 11.57 billion)
  • Apparel, clothes, and garments (USD 11.01 billion)
  • Precious metals like gold and diamonds (USD 10.20 billion)
  • Aluminum products (USD 6.70 billion)
  • Furniture, bedding, and mattresses (USD 5.26 billion)

Apart from these, other important items that were exported by Turkey as per Turkey Export Data 2022 were rubber products, inorganic chemicals, floor coverings, and copper items.



Being a rapidly growing economy till 2022, the country was in association with almost all countries for importing and exporting goods to and from the world. As there is a top 10 list in all domains, likewise Turkey Export Data shows the top 10 countries to whom Turkey exported its products the most in the year 2022.

  • Germany (USD 21.14 billion)
  • The United States of America (USD 16.88 billion)
  • Iraq (USD 13.75 billion)
  • The United Kingdom (USD 13.01 billion)
  • Italy (USD 12.35 billion)
  • Spain (USD 9.65 billion)
  • France (USD 9.54 billion)
  • The Netherlands (USD 9.34 billion)
  • Israel (USD 8.02 billion)
  • Romania (USD 7.03 billion)

Other than these top 10 countries, Turkey exported its products to other countries as well. As per Turkey Export Data 2022. Other countries to whom Turkey exported its products were the UAE, Belgium, Egypt, and Greece.



Turkey was the rapidly growing and expanding market in the world till 2022 as it is shown in Turkey Trade Data for that time. The nation has been focusing more on employment and average income since 2000. The country changed its workings because of external and internal changes which led to the expansion of Turkey Import Data and Turkey Export Data as a whole. Now the scenario has changed as the earthquake shook the whole country and now it needs time to recover and heal from the total loss.



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