A brief overview of Mobile Handset Export from Vietnam

Mobile manufacturers have created a variety of cell phones, which sell for prices that range from very inexpensive to over $1,000.

A brief overview of Mobile Handset Export from Vietnam

The eco-sysecosystemancial services are undergoing an incredible transformation. One of the most important factors influencing this transformation is the continued adoption of mobile technology.

Cell phone manufacturers have produced a wide range of cell phones, which sell for prices that range from very inexpensive to over one thousand dollars. Over the past decade, the increasing importance of cell phones has made them almost a necessity for most people. Even remote and underdeveloped countries have access to cell phone technology and wireless services.

Top Mobile Phones Exporters Around the Globe

China, Vietnam, and Hong Kong remained the top three exporters of mobile phones in the last few years according to the World's Top Exports.

Mobile Export Evolution in Vietnam

Major tech firms of smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, and Panasonic have noticed expanding manufacturing in Vietnam over the past couple of years. This marks a shift away from China.

In 2009, mobile phones ranked ninth among Vietnam’s top 10 export items behind garments, footwear, crude oil, seafood, electronics, computers and spare parts, wood and wood products, rice, and rubber. Just a year later, they scaled to fourth place after garments, crude oil, and footwear. This steep upsurge was resulted majorly due to Samsung plants in Vietnam which were also responsible for 98 percent of its smartphone exports in 2012. Gradually to date, there has been continuous upscaling of smartphone exports in Vietnam as per experts.

As per expert talks, the combination of tax breaks and a comparatively cheap workforce makes the country an appealing base when compared with the northern neighbor which is currently the leader in the export of smartphones.

The sector presently accounts for about 16% of the nation's whole exports, in terms of value - making it superior to its textile and garment industry. Hence it is rightly termed recently as the smartphone nation. Here are the 10 countries that sold the most mobile phones in international markets during 2019.

Among the top exporters of smartphones, China is a leading exporter wherein Vietnam is the second-largest country.

By value, the above-listed 10 countries shipped approx. 90% of global cell phone exports in 2019.

Top Vietnamese Mobile Phone Brands in the Year 2020 Q1

Glance on 2020 first-quarter sale

As per the Tradeimex Vietnam Mobile Export Report, 43281500 pieces of mobile phones were exported from Vietnam in the first quarter of 2020 which costs approximately 9515842395 USD.

Vietnam has been among the fastest-growing mobile phone markets, with most of the action coming from the affordable end of the bazaar. Here is a list of the top exported mobile handsets in Vietnam 2020 which can give a decent indication of the models that enjoyed a dominating position on the export charts almost through the first quarter of the calendar year.

Top Brands and their Models exported from Vietnam in the first quarter of 2020.


The brand Samsung stands to be the highest-exported handset in the country with exported quantities of its handsets souring high skies.

Samsung S20+ which was recently launched in the month of February tops the chart as Samsung’s best-seller phone claiming to have sold around 3954487 pieces.

Followed by other premium phones such as GALAXY A51 with 3683841 sold pieces at 2nd rank and Samsung S20 at 3rd position selling up to 2669671 pieces. The other models that trail is from budget segments namely GALAXY A10e (2186206 pieces sold) and GALAXY A20 (1804521 pieces sold).

Samsung Galaxy S20+      3954487 Pcs
Samsung Galaxy A51       3683841 Pcs
Samsung Galaxy S20       2669671 Pcs
Samsung Galaxy A10e      2186206 Pcs
Samsung Galaxy A20       1804521 Pcs



Nokia seems to have a close competition with Samsung when it comes to mobile phone exports. Its top seller is NOKIA 105 claiming 6268504 handsets being sold in the first quarter of this year succeeded by NOKIA 106 (869514 pieces), NOKIA 110 (685520 pieces), NOKIA 150(426616 pieces), and NOKIA 210 (26904 pieces).

Nokia 105                6268504 Pcs
Nokia 106                869514 Pcs
Nokia 110                685520 Pcs
Nokia 150                426616 Pcs
Nokia 210                26904 Pcs



LG has several new phones launched this quarter and the brand has a quite nice market share of the total export of handsets making it the third-largest exporter of cellular phones in Vietnam. Phones like LG REBEL 4, STYLO 5, ARISTO 4+, STYLO 5x, and K40 are the topmost selling brands.

LG Rebel 4               546131 Pcs
LG Stylo 5               508924 Pcs
LG Aristo 4+             311001 Pcs
LG Stylo 5x              284028 Pcs
LG K40                   272339 Pcs


Top 3 Vietnam Mobile handsets Importer Countries

The United States of America, Austria, and Argentina are the topmost importers of smartphones from Vietnam. The latest Tradeimex Vietnam Smartphone Q1 Report shows that Samsung is the topmost exported brand in terms of volume and value were exported to the US from Vietnam in the first quarter of 2020. Not only the US, Austria, Argentina, United Arab Emirates Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Korea (Republic), and Canada are the top major importers of smartphones.

Sample of Vietnam Mobile Export Report


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