Ukraine Grain Exports Statistics of 2023-24

Ukraine's grain exports accounted for a total value of $8.30 billion and a production volume of 63.77 million metric tons in 2023. top 10 grain exports of Ukraine include corn ($4.96 billion), wheat ($2.94 billion), barley ($362.38 million), and more.

Ukraine Grain Exports Statistics of 2023-24

Ukraine Grain Exports Statistics of 2023-24 

Ukraine has emerged as a prime participant in the worldwide grain market. With its fertile soil, favorable climate, and professional body of workers, Ukraine has come to be one of the pinnacle grain exporters within the global agriculture and grain sector. The HS code for cereal grains is 1104 while the HS Code for cereals is 10. Ukraine’s grain exports accounted for a total value of $8.30 billion in 2023. Ukraine’s grain exports had a total production volume of 63.77 million metric tons in 2023. Ukraine’s grain exports or cereal grain exports accounted for $1.85 billion in 2024 Q1. One of the key trends that formed Ukraine's grain exports in 2023 is the growing demand for organic and non-GMO grains. It is rightfully due to Ukrainian farmers that the country's agricultural industry was maintained throughout the conflict and that the country's exports of grains have increased dramatically in recent months. In this article, we will discover the growth of Ukraine's grain exports and look beforehand at the future of this booming enterprise. 

Ukraine's Top 10 Biggest Grain Exports in 2023 Overview

Ukraine is well-known for its grain exports, which are a major source of income for the country. The agricultural sector is significant for Ukraine's economy, and grain exports are crucial in this area. The top 10 grain exports from Ukraine include various grains such as wheat, barley, corn, and oats.

Ukraine's Top 10 Biggest Grain Exports in 2023 | top 10 graine exports of ukraine

1. Corn: $4.96 billion

Corn is a main commodity in Ukraine and is used to make ethanol, cornmeal, and animal feed. One of the world's leading producers of corn is Ukraine. The HS code for corn is 1005. In 2023, Ukraine was the top exporter of corn to China, valued at $1.08 billion.

2. Wheat: $2.94 billion

In Ukraine, wheat happens to be one of the most extensively grown grains. Pasta, bread, and other baked foods are made with it. Ukraine is well-known for producing excellent wheat that is shipped to other nations worldwide. The HS code for wheat is 1001. Spain imports the most amount of wheat from Ukraine ($679.16 million) in 2023.

3. Barley: $362.38 million

Another common grain in Ukraine is barley, which is used to make a variety of culinary products, beer, and animal feed. To enhance the health of the soil, it is frequently used as a cover crop. The HS code for barley is 1003. In 2023, Ukraine will be the top exporter of barley to Turkey, valued at $75.19 million.

4. Sunflower Seeds: $277.73 million

Sunflower seeds are a popular oilseed crop and food in Ukraine. The country is one of the largest suppliers of sunflower oil worldwide. Sunflower seeds can also be added to salad dressings and baked dishes. The HS code for sunflower seeds is 1206. With a revenue of $77.02 million, Ukraine emerged as the leading supplier of sunflower seeds to Romania in 2023.

5. Sorghum: $12.59 million

This adaptable grain is used to make ethanol, animal feed, and flour. It is climate-appropriate and resistant to drought in Ukraine. One of Europe's leading producers of sorghum is Ukraine. The HS code for sorghum is 1007. In 2023, Ukraine will be the top exporter of sorghum to Romania, valued at $4.27 million.

6. Millet: $20.32 million

Millet is utilized in flatbread, cereal, and as an additional meal. One of the world's top millet producers is Ukraine. The HS code for millet is 100820. Poland purchases the most millet from Ukraine, valued at $2.77 million in 2023.

7. Rye: $1.42 million

Rye is a hardy crop that does well in the environment of Ukraine. Bread, animal feed, and rye whiskey are all made from it. All around Ukraine, black rye bread is a national favorite. The HS code of Rye is 1002. With a $566K value, Ukraine was Poland's top exporter of rye in 2023.

8. Oats: $975K

A healthy grain, oats are frequently used to make oatmeal, granola bars, and morning cereals. Superior oats from Ukraine are sold to other nations. The HS code for oats is 1004. In 2023, Ukraine is the top exporter of oats to Germany, valued at $277K.

9. Buckwheat: $369K

Nutritious buckwheat is a popular ingredient in porridge, pancakes, and noodles. Health-aware consumers choose it due to its high protein amount and the absence of gluten. Ukraine excels in producing buckwheat of the highest caliber. The HS code for buckwheat is 100810. Buckwheat worth $83K changed into the principal export from Ukraine to Bulgaria in 2023.

10. Quinoa: $192.73K

Gluten-loose and rich in protein, quinoa is a nutritious grain. It is a side dish, introduced to soups and salads. The HS code for quinoa is 100850. Recently, Ukraine has started to cultivate quinoa to turn out to be a sizeable producer and exporter.

Who are the biggest trade partners for Ukraine’s Grain Exports in FY23?

Grains are one of the major exports from Ukraine to the rest of the globe. Corn and wheat are the primary agricultural grains exported. Spain is the biggest importer of Ukraine's grain exports worth $1.42 billion in 2023 followed by China and Romania. Ukraine became a major grain provider to low and center-profit international locations in Asia and Africa, and it ranked as the EU's 2nd-largest exporter and supplier of grains in 2023. The biggest trade partners for Ukraine's grain exports in 2023 encompass:

  1. Spain: $1.42 billion (17.1%)
  2. China: $1.15 billion (13.9%)
  3. Romania: $1.04 billion (12.6%)
  4. Egypt: $666 million (8%)
  5. Türkiye: $596.58 million (7.2%)
  6. Italy: $557.96 million (6.7%)
  7. Netherlands: $355.58 million (4.3%)
  8. Poland: $204.19 million (2.5%)
  9. Hungary: $189.70 million (2.3%)
  10. Portugal: $174.07 million (2.1%)

Statistical comparison of Ukraine’s grain export over the last 10 years

Ukraine’s grain export over the last 10 years

Year of Trade

The Value of Ukraine's Grain Exports


$6.37 billion


$6.54 billion


$6.05 billion 


$6.07 billion


$6.50 billion


$7.24 billion


$9.63 billion


$9.41 billion


$12.34 billion


$9.17 billion


$8.30 billion

2024 quarter 1

$1.85 billion

Who are the Top 10 Grain exporting companies from Ukraine?

Ukraine's biggest grain exporting companies with their market share in 2023 include:

  1. Kernel: 8%
  2. Louis Dreyfus: 7%
  3. Cargill: 5%
  4. Nibulon: 5%
  5. ADM: 5%
  6. Agroprosperis: 4%
  7. Cofco: 3%
  8. Viterra: 3%
  9. Ukrlandfarming: 2%
  10. Olam Ukraine: 1%

What is the percentage of grain exports and production by Ukraine?

One of the main producers of grains worldwide is Ukraine. The nation primarily cultivates and exports barley, corn, and wheat. The European Commission estimates that 10% of the global wheat market, 15% of the corn market, and 13% of the barley market are accounted for by Ukraine. It also holds a dominant position in the sunflower oil sector, accounting for almost 50% of global trade. Corn and wheat, ranked first and second, respectively, are also the most widely produced grains worldwide. The withdrawal of a large exporter such as Ukraine could have detrimental effects on the world's ability to feed itself. In 2023, Ukraine ranked eighth globally in terms of grain exports, having exported $8.30 billion worth of cereal grains. Grains ranked as Ukraine's biggest export in 2023.

What transpired in July 2023 when Russia pulled out of the Black Sea Grain Initiative?

Russia’s departure from the Black Sea Grain Initiative (BSGI) last July ended with a worldwide uproar. A catastrophic outcome for global food security and Ukraine's economy, with its farmers yet again unable to export through Ukraine's deep water Black Sea ports, was what its allies and trading partners who import food feared. " We simply cannot extract as many grains from the grain deal today as we had hoped to be able to if it were prolonged, both numerically and in terms of quantity," emphasized John Kirby, a spokesman for the US National Security Council. Global food costs, notably grain prices, sustained a steady drop in 2024, in particular, because of increasing grain exports from Ukraine. After the BSGI was discontinued in mid-August 2023, Ukraine announced the creation of the Ukrainian corridor. This route, which passes through the territorial waters of Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey, members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, has allowed Ukraine to resume large-scale agricultural product shipments since October 2023.

What are Ukraine’s major grain variety exports?

Ukraine exports a vast variety of grains around the world. Some of the major Grain export varieties from Ukraine in 2023 include:

  • Grains of cereals, hulled, sliced, kibbled, or otherwise worked (HS code 110429): $15.72 million
  • Germ of cereals, whole, rolled, flaked, or ground (HS code 110430): $10.27 million
  • Rolled or flaked grains of oats (HS code 110412): $4.55 million
  • Hulled, sliced, kibbled, otherwise worked oat grains (HS code 110422): $1.38 million
  • Rolled or flaked grains of cereals (HS code 110419): $591K
  • Hulled, sliced, kibbled, otherwise worked maize grains (HS code 110423): $480K

Have grain exports from Ukraine returned to their pre-war levels?

From the Greater Odesa ports under the Ukrainian corridor, Ukraine exported a record-breaking 5.2 million metric tons of grains, and other agricultural products in February 2024. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) increased projections of Ukraine's total marketing year (MY) 2023–2024 grain exports, such as wheat, coarse grains, oilseeds, vegetable oils, and protein meals, by 7.3 million metric tons from January to April of this year, largely because of the corridor's success. The most recent projection of Ukraine's MY 2023/24 grain and oilseed product exports, even with the completion of the Ukrainian corridor, was 63.77 million metric tons; this is more than 2 million metric tons less than both MY 2021/22 and the MY 2022/23, both of which had been impacted by Russia's invasion.

Uncovering the Truth Behind Ukraine's Post-Invasion Grain Exports

High-level policymakers have recently declared that Ukraine’s grain exports have been meeting and surpassing pre-war export levels. The most recent estimation of Ukraine's 2023/24 grain and oilseed product exports, despite the success of the Ukrainian corridor, was 63.77 million metric tons; this is more than 2 million metric tons less than both MY 2021/22 and MY 2022/23, both of which were impacted by Russia's invasion. Evidence indicates that this is untrue. Conversely, the agriculture industry in Ukraine has been subjected to systemic attacks during the conflict, and substantial investments are required in all facets of the sector to revive the country's economy and allow its exports to resume their place in the world's agricultural markets.

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To conclude, Ukraine has been strongly drawn as a major player in the global grain market, which is expected to grow significantly in the coming years Due to its fertile soil, modern agricultural practices, and strategic proximity. Ukraine is well-positioned to meet the growing demand for grains around the arena. Looking at Ukrainian grain export estimates for 2023 and beyond, there is no doubt that the future of Ukrainian grain exports is fascinating.

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