Switzerland Gold Trade Import-Export Statistics of 2023

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Switzerland Gold Trade Import-Export Statistics of 2023

Switzerland‘s Gold Trade Import-Export Statistics of 2023

Switzerland has a strong popularity for its know-how within the gold marketplace, making it a chief player worldwide. The nation is famous for its long-status way of life of refining and storing gold, attracting traders and traders from everywhere on the globe. According to recent trade data on the gold trade, Switzerland exported gold worth a total value of $100.34 billion, while the Gold imports of Switzerland had a total value of $98.5 billion in 2023. Switzerland's strategic area inside the coronary heart of Europe additionally contributes to its significance as a hub for gold exchange. Gold has always been a treasured commodity that holds great value across the globe. It isn't only the most effective symbol of wealth and comfort, but also performs a pivotal component in international frugality. Gold, a precious essence that has fascinated humans for centuries, continues to play a significant part in global frugality. Its appeal and universal value have made it a sought-after commodity for both investment and decoration purposes.

Understanding the import-export statistics of gold can give precious perceptivity to the global trade dynamics. Swiss gold exports increased 7.3% in August over July as fewer supplies to Turkey were offset by greater deliveries to China and India, according to customs data released on Tuesday. While China and India are the major consumer markets with local demand that is sensitive to high prices and the time of year, Switzerland is the world's largest hub for the refining and transit of gold. When gold crosses borders, it leaves traces. Gold shipments are generally reported by customs when they enter and exit countries, much like other goods. Trade data is a precious tool for numerous parties involved in ethical force chains using gold. multitudinous reports on conflict, violations of mortal rights, and environmental issues have been released by Global Witness and other associations. These issues are constantly linked to force chains for gold. Switzerland has long been renowned for its considerable position within the worldwide gold trade. The country's particular function as a main hub for gold refining and storage has made it a vital player in the import and export of this treasured metallic. In this article, we will delve into the gold trade import-export statistics and records of Switzerland for 2023 and explore the pinnacle importers and gold-buying and selling nations all through this era.

Switzerland’s Top 10 import Partners of Gold

Switzerland’s Top 10 Import Partners of Gold

According to the our latest trade data for gold imports in 2023, Switzerland's top 10 import partners for its gold imports are:

1. United States of America: $20.57 billion

2. United Kingdom:$8.79 billion

3. United Arab Emirates: $8.22 billion

4. Canada: $5.79 billion

5. South Africa: $5.23 billion

6. Uzbekistan: $3.92 billion

7. Philippines: $3.48 billion

8. Ghana: $3.27 billion

9. Burkina Faso: $3.02 billion

10. Australia: $2.68 billion

Switzerland’s Top 10 Export Partners of Gold

Switzerland’s Top 10 Export Partners of Gold

According to the our latest trade data for gold exports in 2023, Switzerland’s top 10 export destinations and partners for its gold exports are:

1. China: $27.43 billion

2. India: $12.96

3. Turkey: $10.61

4. United States of America: $9.51

5. Germany: $6,37

6. Thailand: $5.28

7. Singapore: $4.01

8. France: $3.32

9. United Kingdom: $3.25

10. Saudi Arabia: $2.80

Factors Driving the Gold Trade in Switzerland

Several factors contribute to Switzerland's success in the gold trade:

  • Proximity to Major Gold Producing Countries: Switzerland's geographical location provides easy access to gold-producing countries, enabling efficient import and export of the precious metal.
  • Reputation for Quality and Expertise: The Swiss refining industry is renowned for its excellence in transforming raw gold into refined products of superior quality. This reputation has attracted traders and investors from around the world to engage in gold-related activities in Switzerland.
  • Banking and Taxation Advantages: Switzerland's favorable banking and taxation policies have made it an attractive destination for gold-related transactions. The country offers a secure and discreet environment for storing gold, further enhancing its appeal to investors. You can Also Get the all insides of Switzerland Trade 

What will be the future of Future of Switzerland’s Gold Trade

The future of Switzerland's gold exchange seems promising, as the country continues to maintain its position as a worldwide hub for treasured metals. With a long record of know-how and credibility within the region, Switzerland has become renowned for its delicate gold and as a prime player in gold trading and garage. In December 2023, gold prices reached an all-time high of $2,135.39/oz, normally because of the depreciating cost of the United States dollar and anticipations that the Fed might begin decreasing hobby charges. In 2024, the principal forces influencing gold expenses will yet again be the Fed's hobby charge reductions and the decline in US real costs. With a top of $2,300/oz. In 2025, gold fees are predicted to decline within the immediate destiny before growing to new highs later in the year. As the sector's leading gold refiner and exporter, Switzerland has benefited from a strong infrastructure, including superior refining centers and stable storage solutions. This, blended with its political balance and a nicely regulated monetary system, positions Switzerland as an appealing destination for buyers and investors alike.

  Analyzing Gold Trade Statistics 2023

Let's take a brief look at the overall gold trade statistics for 2023. Gold trade involves the import and import of gold in colorful forms similar to bars, jewelry, coins, and bullion. The trade of gold is driven by multiple factors including profitable conditions, geopolitical circumstances, and investor sentiment. Gold trade is a significant contributor to the economy of several nations. It not only facilitates profitable growth but also creates job openings. The gold marketplace is largely dynamic and constantly evolving, making it pivotal to keep track of the import and export data to understand present-day tendencies and patterns. According to the latest change records, gold exports had a complete export rate of $469.80 billion in 2023, whilst the overall value of gold imports became $488.18 billion in 2023. The exchange of gold has a complete proportion of 2.06% in worldwide change.

Top 10 Importers Countries of Gold in 2023

Top 10 Importers Countries of Gold in 2023

Before knowing the top importers, let's take a look at how 2023 witnessed an enormous swell in gold imports, with numerous international locations adding to their appetite for this precious essence. Let's test some of the pinnacle importers of gold in 2023. According to the latest import information, Switzerland became the sector's pinnacle gold importer grounded on price in 2023, with gold significances totaling around $99 billion. In 2023, 92.5% of gold imports worldwide were made by the top 15 gold-importing nations. At that time, the top-ranking nation's total import purchases of gold came to $436.4 billion. The top 10 importers of gold in 2023 are:

1. Switzerland: $98.5 billion :- 

 In 2023, Switzerland's gold imports witnessed a huge rise, reflecting the continuing demand for this valuable commodity across the globe. Switzerland has become the arena's pinnacle gold importer primarily based on its import value in 2023, with gold imports totaling around $99 billion.

2. China: $76.7 billion

3. United Kingdom: $42 billion

4. Hong Kong: $38 billion

5. India: $36.6 billion

6. Turkey: $20.4 billion

7. Singapore: $17.7 billion

8. United Arab Emirates: $15.5 billion

9. Thailand: $11.4 billion

10. Germany: $10.6 billion

Top 10 Exporters Countries of Gold in 2023

Top 10 Exporters Countries of Gold in 2023

Besides the top importers, several countries play a vital part as gold exporting capitals. These countries serve as centers for refining, processing, and distributing gold encyclopedically. The value of Switzerland's gold exports in 2023 was over $100 billion. Grounded on value, Switzerland is the nation that exports the most golden worldwide regularly. With $73 billion in gold exports at that time, the United Kingdom ranked as the alternate-largest gold exporter in the world. Let's explore some of the top gold-exporting countries during 2023:

1. Switzerland ($100.34 billion):

 Switzerland's gold exports in 2023 also witnessed a splendid rise, showcasing the nation's pivotal position within the global gold trade with over $100 billion in exports of gold alternate.

2. United Kingdom: $72.97 billion

3. United States of America: $37.17 billion

4. United Arab Emirates: $35.62 billion

5. Hong Kong: $30.15 billion

6. Australia: $16.36 billion

7. Singapore: $15.52 billion

8. Canada: $15.20 billion

9. Russia: $12.50 billion

10. Japan: $10.87 billion

HS Code for Gold

It is important to have clear expertise of the Harmonized System or HS Code of Gold. The HS Code for gold, which falls beneath chapter 71 of the HS Code class, is 7108. Gold is an enormously valuable and sought-after treasured steel, and this specific HS Code facilitates standardizing its category and helps worldwide change. Under this code, numerous styles of gold, consisting of unwrought or semi-synthetic gold, gold bars, and gold cash, are categorized. The HS Code device is critical for ensuring correct identification, right documentation, and seamless customs tactics whilst coping with gold on an international scale. By adhering to HS Code 7108, professionals inside the gold industry can efficiently navigate global trade rules and make contributions to the easy functioning of the market. Get the accurate HS Code for your Product now 


Switzerland's gold trade import-export statistics and facts for 2023 depict a thriving industry that performs an important role in the international gold trade. The country's recognition for exceptional, know-how, and reliability, combined with its favorable business environment, has solidified its function as a major player within the gold marketplace. As the call for gold continues to upward, Switzerland is expected to hold its outstanding position in the years to come. The gold import and export statistics for 2023 reflect the ever-evolving nature of the gold trade request. Meanwhile, countries like Switzerland, the United Kingdom, UAE, and Hong Kong serve as essential gold trading capitals. Keeping track of these statistics and understanding the dynamics of the gold trade can give precious perceptivity to investors, dealers, and policymakers, likewise, enabling them to make informed opinions in the ever-changing gold request geography. So, let's stay informed about the gold import-export statistics and the top players in the gold trading arena to navigate the world of gold more effectively!

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