Top Coal Importers statistics of 2023

Explore the biggest coal importers in 2023. Japan is the biggest coal importer with imports worth $42.43 billion in 2023 followed by India ($41.56 billion) and China ($41.35 billion).

Top Coal Importers statistics of 2023

Top Coal Importers statistics of 2023

In a world where energy resources perform an essential role in the economy, coal remains a full-size supply of energy sources and power generation for many countries. Despite efforts to transition to cleanser strength resources, coal remains an important part of the power resource for numerous countries. The HS code for coal is 2701. Global coal imports came to a total value of $290 billion in 2023. The amount of coal traded internationally increased to 1466 metric tons in 2023, up 1% from the year before. Around 16% of the total demand for coal was met by traded coal. The majority of traded coal, or over 77% of all coal traded, was thermal coal, which increased by 1.6% in 2023 while trading in metallurgical coal fell by 1%. The percentage of total seaborne shipments increased to about 95%. Coal imports play a vital role in meeting the energy demands of countries that do not have sufficient domestic coal reserves. Let's delve into the biggest coal importers and their statistics for 2023.

Coal Imports by Continents

  • Asian importers bought the most coal from outside in 2023, spending $225 billion, or about four-fifths (78.5%) of the total amount imported. 
  • European importers came in second place with 15.6%. 
  • Lesser proportions were sold to purchasers in the Caribbean and African importers (1.4%). 
  • North America (0.7%) had a decent share as one of the biggest coal importers.
  • Oceania (0.2%), led by Australia and New Caledonia, and South American importers (3.6%), excluding Mexico, had a fair share of coal imports in 2023.

Who are the top 10 Coal importer Countries in 2023?

Japan is the biggest coal-importing country with its coal imports worth $42.43 billion in 2023 followed by India and China. Many nations rely on coal imports to fuel their power plants and industrial activities. The top 10 coal importers in 2023 include:

  1. Japan: $42.43 billion
  2. India: $41.56 billion
  3. China: $41.35 billion
  4. South Korea: $20.07 billion
  5. Taiwan: $11.78 billion
  6. Germany: $7.02 billion
  7. Turkey: $5.52 billion
  8. Malaysia: $5.20 billion
  9. Vietnam: $5.14 billion
  10. The Philippines: $4.90 billion

Who are the top 10 coal-trading companies in 2023?

Many companies around the world bought good quantities of coal which helped in the economic growth of the coal industry. The top 10 coal-importing companies with their total market cap in 2023 include:

  1. China Shenhua Energy (China): $109.26 billion
  2. Glencore (Switzerland): $77.18 billion
  3. Coal India (India): $34.74 billion
  4. Yankuang Energy (China): $22.88 billion
  5. Washington H. Soul Pattinson and Company (Australia): $7.79 billion
  6. Adaro Energy (Indonesia): $5.60 billion
  7. Yancoal (Australia): $5.39 billion
  8. United Tractors (Indonesia): $5.17 billion
  9. Alpha Metallurgical Resources (USA): $3.72 billion
  10. Warrior Met Coal (USA): $3.38 billion

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Who are the top 10 Coal buyers in 2023?

The top 10 coal buyers in 2023 include:

Top coal buyers


Value of coal bought

Mitsubishi Corporation RTM Japan Ltd


$19.57 trillion

Vitol Holding BV


$505 billion

Trafigura Group Pte Ltd.


$319 billion

Mercuria Energy Group


$170 billion

Hind Energy and Coal Beneficiary India Limited


$88.25 billion

China Shenhua Energy Company Limited


$47.90 billion

China Coal Energy Company Limited


$27.26 billion

Mitsubishi Corporation RTM Japan Ltd


$19.57 trillion

Centennial Coal Company Limited


$883.8 million

Borneo Coal Trading


$5.73 million


In conclusion, the biggest coal importers had a massive effect on the global coal market in 2023, with Japan, India, China, and South Korea leading the way. As those nations try to stabilize their strength needs with environmental concerns, coal imports will stay a crucial aspect of their energy resource strategies. Despite the shift in the direction of purifier power resources, coal will stay a key participant within the worldwide power panorama for the foreseeable destiny.

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