Top 10 Products Imported by Turkey in the year 2022

Turkey was one of the fasting growing countries until a massive earthquake hit the territory in March 2023. The top products imported by Turkey until 2022 are mentioned below.

Top 10 Products Imported by Turkey in the year 2022


Turkey, likewise now known as the Republic of Turkey is a cross-continental country. Most region of the nation lies on the Anatolian Peninsula arranged in western Asia and a portion of its parts lie on the Balkan Peninsula arranged in southeast Europe. The nation imparts its northern boundaries to the Black Sea and upper east lines with Georgia. Turkey is listed in the list of the 50 biggest countries in the world. It is positioned 37th as far as a land region near 783,562 km^2.

Assuming we accept the exchange information of Turkey distributed in 2020, we will see that Turkey remained at the nineteenth position on the planet in regard to GDP, 29th situation on the planet for all out sends, and 23rd on the planet for all imports.

Top 10 Import Products of Turkey 

Based on the official reports and Turkey Import Data released in the year 2022, the top 10 import products to the nation were:

  • Mineral fuels (USD 96.54 Billion)
  • Machinery (USD 34.57 Billion)
  • Iron and steel (USD 28.66 Billion)
  • Pearls and precious stones (USD 23.45 Billion)
  • Electric gadgets and appliances (USD 21.53 Billion)
  • Plastic products (USD 18.97 Billion)
  • Automobiles (USD 17.67 Billion)
  • Organic chemicals (USD 11.11 Billion)
  • Aluminum items (USD 7.68 Billion)
  • Copper goods (USD 5.51 Billion)

Top 10 Import Partners of Turkey

Now, moving forward we are going to list the top 10 import partners of Turkey, i.e., the countries listed in Turkey Import Data from whom Turkey Imported goods the most in the year 2022.

  • Russia (USD 58.85 Billion)
  • China (USD 41.35 Billion)
  • Germany (USD 24.03 Billion)
  • Switzerland (USD 15.34 Billion)
  • the United States of America (USD 15.22 Billion)
  • Italy (USD 14.08 Billion)
  • India (USD 10.69 Billion)
  • France (USD 9.42 Billion)
  • Korea (USD 9 Billion)
  • Spain (USD 7 Billion)


It's very clear from the figures mentioned above that until 2022, the country was flourishing and growing rapidly. The imports and exports of the country according to Import Export Data of Turkey were growing and were amazingly valued. As the earthquake hit the country recently, many factories and industries were demolished but the reconstruction is under process and trading has also started. Let's hope that the complete market of Turkey gets revived soon and international trade starts again at a full pace. 

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