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The Republic of Portugal is another name for Portugal. Situated on the Iberian Peninsula in Southwest Europe lies the nation. Portugal is primarily surrounded by ocean, and it borders Spain and Morocco on two sides. Portugal ranks 18th in Europe in terms of total land area. Portugal occupies a land area of about 92,212 km^2, placing it at place 111 in the world rankings. According to Portugal's latest export data, Portugal exported $105.64 billion worth of goods in total in 2022. Portugal's goods exports rose by 9.72% in 2022 over 2021. In 2022, exports of goods increased by $7.31 billion. As a booming global economy, Portugal has cemented its place as a significant player in international trade. With its strategic location and well-established transport infrastructure, the country has been enjoying steady growth in its export sector. To understand the dynamics of Portugal's export industry, it is crucial to delve into Portugal's export data and analyze the trends. Let us now explore the essence of Portugal's export data, and its exports, and highlight the key aspects of Portugal's export data in 2022.

 Portugal Export Data |Portugal Trade Data


The country has been ranked 47th in global exports, showing a significant position in the international trade landscape.


With a mere 0.4% share in global export trade, it becomes evident that its presence in the international export market is fairly on the rise.


Spain holds a significant role as the largest export partner of the country in terms of goods exports.


Petroleum oils and waste oils are the major and biggest export commodities of the country, playing a vital role in its economy.


Top 10 Exports of Portugal

Portugal boasts a robust economy with diverse export capabilities. The top 10 exports of Portugal comprise a comprehensive range of goods. With its skilled labor force and advanced manufacturing facilities, Portugal has established itself as a global player in these sectors. The top 10 exports of Portugal in 2022 according to its export data are:

  • Petroleum oils and waste oils: 6.87% ($5.67 billion)
  • Motor cars and other motor vehicles: 5.11% ($4.22 billion)
  • Parts and accessories of the motor vehicles: 3.92% ($3.23 billion) 
  • Uncoated paper and paperboard: 2.21% ($1.82 billion)
  • Footwear with outer soles of rubber, plastics, and leather: 2.2% ($1.81 billion)
  • Revolution counters, production counters, taximeters, and pedometers: 1.66% ($1.37 billion)
  • New pneumatic tires, of rubber: 1.65% ($1.36 billion)
  • Other plates, sheets, film, foil, and strips of plastics: 1.45% ($1.2 billion)
  • Medicaments: 1.36% ($1.12 billion)
  • Motor vehicles for the transport of goods: 1.29% ($1.07 billion)
  • Partners

    Top 10 Export Partners of Portugal

    In terms of export partners, Portugal finds its strongest commercial ties with countries like Spain, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States. These nations serve as key destinations for Portuguese exports. Portugal’s top 10 export partners in 2022 include:

    Value In Percentage(%)

  • Spain: 26% (21 billion US$)
  • France: 12.3% (10.1 billion US$)
  • Germany: 10.8% (8.95 billion US$)
  • USA: 6.46% (5.34 billion US$)
  • United Kingdom: 4.89% (4.04 billion US$)
  • Italy: 4.46% (3.68 billion US$)
  • Netherlands: 3.99% (3.3 billion US$)
  • Belgium: 2.4% (1.98 billion US$)
  • Angola: 1.81% (1.49 billion US$)
  • Poland: 1.4% (1.13 billion US$)
  • Sample Data

    Understanding Portugal Export Data

    We obtain trustworthy data from organizations, shipping businesses, and customs ports. This Trade Data contains a wide range of fields, such as HS codes, product descriptions, prices, quantities, origin country, destination country, and port names together with currency values. For traders and marketers, this trade data is crucial information that helps them to make informed decisions. From the HS codes and product descriptions to the quantity and cost of each product, everything can be obtained through this trade data. We have included a sample of this trade data for your convenience and greater understanding so that you can see what the trade data looks like as a whole, with complete details.

    So, as you can see in this statistical report, we also include the number of goods needed to be imported/exported, HS codes, the description of each HS code, and the quantity and price of each product from the country's shipment data. In this comprehensive statistical database, we ensure that every detail is meticulously recorded, which makes this trade data efficient for businesses worldwide. Portugal export data refers to the information collected and recorded by relevant authorities regarding the goods and services leaving the country's borders for foreign markets. It presents a comprehensive overview of the nature, quantity, and value of exported products, making it an invaluable resource for businesses, governments, and researchers. For businesses looking to expand their market presence or explore new opportunities abroad, Portugal's export data is vital. It provides vital insights into consumer demand, market trends, and the competitive landscape. According to the Portugal trade data, Portugal exported $82 billion worth of goods in total in 2022. Many different fields are included in Portugal trade data and Portugal export data, including HS codes, descriptions of HS codes, and product descriptions that include the quantity, units, and price of each product being shipped. These fields can be found in Portugal export data and Portugal trade data. For dealers and marketers, this statistical export data is crucial as it helps them make informed judgments.


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  • Frequently Asked Questions!!

    As of now, Portugal's export data for 2022, Portugal exported goods worth a total of $82 billion.

    According to the latest available data from 2022, Portugal's top exports included petroleum oils, vehicles, machinery and equipment, textiles and footwear, and agricultural products such as wine and olive oil.

    The export industry is a significant contributor to Portugal's economy, accounting for around 40% of its GDP. It also provides job opportunities and helps in reducing the trade deficit.

    Some of the challenges faced by Portugal's export industry include competition from other countries, high production costs, and fluctuations in global demand and prices.

    Portugal's major trading partners include Spain, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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